I've not been cryptic lately. This must change. It's not easy being cryptic you know. It takes effort to obfuscate, and I've been lazy which probably explains why I've been so direct (yes Dr. J, I'm direct, you just don't see it) of late. The bad thing is, being straightforward means boring posts - what fun is there if you can't tease details in your text I ask. The good thing about being cryptic is that it's good for the mind, it exercises it and makes you use it in novel ways.

goodness, i sound like a fecking application already.

Let's not speak of the latest rejection. Snore. Bad for us, good for G though.

Ah well, win some, lose some. Not so great when news such as this come just before a performance review:

"How did you do?"
"Not well, I was rejected"
"I see" (as he scribbles nasty things about me on the paper).

Maybe it's time to resurrect my putative career at MEC, except I can't stand the entitled coming in to change a bike light that:

  1. was bought a year ago
  2. nobody knows who actually bought
  3. wasn't working because the entitled owner had let the battery leak, which had corroded the contact points
When #3 was pointed out to the entitled owner, and told that it would probably work again if she scrapped the crud off the contact points, she asked for a new battery.

Off with her head. Off!

Dr. T spread scurrilous rumours on Friday about the death of Fay Weldon. She's quite well and alive, writing about transgender folk, and saying controversial things about men feeling pressure to change gender. 

I must start reading her books again - she makes so much sense in a liberal-conservative sort of way. Kind of like the Social Democrats back in the 80s, but not really. 

The Ashmolean was brought  into the vet's today - this will bankrupt me yet. And for what? A consultation whose results I could have predicted. Should have stayed the course. The good thing is that my opinion was verified, and also that we got a test for the presence or absence of parasites. That'll help with figuring out whither the chicken.

Must. Remember. Food allergies are distinct from food intolerance. With allergies, you have itching, inflammation, and strange behaviour in addition to the usual digestive upsets.

I think it's fatty foods what does it. That and an extraordinarily quick passage through the digestive system what's not quite there yet. So cut the food with bland and fibre and let time do it's thing. 

The Ashmolean will rise again. 

Which reminds me - who the feck is pooping on our grass these days? Ass-hats. Double ass-hats for not picking it up. Oh. Yes, mustn't sweat the small stuff, but go for the big stuff with gusto. 

If the energies need to be re-directed, then re-direct them like Hercules diverting the water from a river to clean out the stables (it's a metaphor for cutting off the head of the hydra you see). There are some projects that should be worked on, and completed before it's too late. Time passes quickly.

Right - let's work on at least one of them today before the evening's event with Mr. B. I may not enjoy it, but the Ashmolean will enjoy a break from the confines of his shoebox and get some play time in. I hope. Must figure out Thursday now....