Dark skies threaten
I must shake off my responsibilities. Especially the ones what weigh heavy on me. Of course, they all feel heavy so it's difficult to know which ones are the heaviest.

There is a disconnect between what happens here and what happens there - this is the classic neither fish nor fowl feeling. I have routines here and there. The routines here seem to me more irrelevant yet more human. Over there, the routines are driven by immense privilege. Not to say there isn't privilege here either. Of course there is.

There are days the need to better oneself is simply exhausting. So much easier just to give in and buy 3D printed stuff from dubious but cheap Cathay websites. Buy 5 packs of yoghurt starter, and you get a yoghurt maker! How can you compete with that.

I was drawn into the home theatre experience last night with surround sound that was hyper real. not just loud, but hyper real. I wish I could just give into mindless consumption and fill the little void within what gets bigger and louder by the day.

The other thing getting bigger by the day is my tum. Then again, i have to match what A-C is at present so we can bond properly. No lists. No lists today. Just one hour's worth of work. That's all i ask for today.

And to run some more errands, and to have some more conversations and to plan for a future which none of us can know. Well, let me rephrase that, we know the end, we just don't know the road there unless of course I put Bridge-67 into action. There I've done what i set out to do - work A-C and Bridge-67 into the general discourse.

Life is unfair and we can't win, nor should we want to. Allz we can do is behave with integrity so that we can't blame ourselves later. Have doubts perhaps, but not blame ourselves - and oh yes, if you're a true gentleman, you keep your doubts to yourself just like Maurice did - poor ducks.

Okay, I'll have a little list - to help make sure we get through the week:

TE - visit #1
TE - visit #2
Pay for little piggies
Swim 3x
Dinner - Saturday
Dinner - Friday
Review - 10pm Friday
Tang and Partners
Chat 1 - clean
Chat 2 - ashes
Chat 3 - in between
Draft of 4 parts
Person of Interest
Clean up some IT stuff

With all that goes on here - must not get completely drawn into it as must remember that have other life over there which can't be ignored. The trick is, a la Breeeedge, is to know what to slough off so as to be slim, (must stop eating), sleek and single, and move through life effortlessly like white linen shirt or dress in wind set again azure skies and seas of Greece.