I forget how humid it is on the equator - so good for the skin I must keep reminding myself. All those little cells plumping themselves up like little A-C.

So I look miles younger - at least from a distance. It's only when you get close and see the bags under my eyes - the damn jetlag is what does it. Then you suddenly realise just how close I am to my expiry date.

Bridge-67. Time is ticking away.

In so many ways. I wonder what it would be like if time had never been invented and we just existed in some calmly flowing cosmic plasma type of...yeah, there's no getting away from it. There is time and there is time.

Today is Tuesday and there are two things that one must do. Snap out of this jetlag somehow. Perhaps find a way of cooling down the body. And get sstarted on the quality and importance sections of this damn bullshit idea.

Not to mention, must get some priorities together so that can get the rest of the week done more efficiently. Then must also have some component of social.

Lawd, my head is so fogged up at the moment - can't sleep, yet can't gather my thoughs. They're like little sheep wandering around a field without a border collie to herd them into something cogent and coherent.

Must also snap this habit of wanting to use three adjectives.

JC was all chipper yesterday - as she always was I think. She has gone up in the world and is so confident whirling around the mountains of paper some of which date back to 2002. In any case, she got what needed to be done so many years ago - and I just hope it doesn't come back to nibble me on my shins although those could do with some nibbling since they're all ashy - well it all makes sense to me, all the cells that are plumped up now must push the dead cells off no?

I suppose that I'd better try and get a quick breakfast in and then do an hour's worth of reading.

Sigh. Just want to go somewhere cool and dark and sleep for a few weeks.