Cranky, old and pissed.


Bus and train into work today. People everywhere, not moving to let people in, not taking bagpacks down to make more room. Selfish people everywhere. To the 7th circle of the inferno I send you in my mind.

Rain and cold, rain and cold, rain and cold. Bah.

Wish the rain would stop and the cold would lift. Even if just for a little bit.

Ran into yoga person with strong sense of entitlement (you could tell from the face and attitude) on the bus. Wanted to roll yoga person up in their mat and then push off bus. However, not very yogi-like so refrained. I'm too good to strangers, I wonder whether if that's what's meant by "the kindness of strangers"?

However, despite the recent slings of arrows by critics (not you CT), I shall persevere because the lovely Dr. JB has sent a lovely e-mail with a nudge, nudge, wink, wink and so i have hope in my little beating breast again. That and Dr. Shark will be in town, and she demands fresh marinated tuna so we will convene at the lovely Tojo's and chow down. We're not shy about that. Chowing down in fine restaurants that is, not convening.

Was in Ladysmith recently - why? all shall be revealed soon.

I am shifting allegiances soon - Bell shall be cast aside, and I shall take on the mantle of a new telco. See if I don't. I've done the math, I've done my spreadsheet analysis and I'm telling Bell to go to Hell - oh, I should be a poet.

There were other things irritating me, but I forget what.

let's see - lavender has been planted for the lavender coup d'etat and soon we shall be cutting Rosemary up and planting bits of her around too.

Otherwise, life goes on for now. Must find ways to put aside some shekels - could Shaw internet be next for the chop? I rather think so.

Right then, off to chivvy council before I retire.