620 (not 420)

Ash-Cain, my little potsticker sleeps soundly
Another humid, muggy day and the sound of crickets abound. The 6am flight takes off somewhat late.

Yesterday was a bit of a blur. Wake up far too early, putter and unpack the YVR-CNY cache in KCH. Could that really be 30Kg of stuff that was transported? So lucky (in a way) that the bags didn't make it to my flight, but to the next one by which time the boys in blue were away and off.

Breakfast with the reliable Ms. C and MYL. Beef noodles this time as not all stores are open yet due to it being the 7th day of CNY. It's so warm that the insides of my ears are sweating. The only other options are kampua mee and mee sua. THey had the latter, I had the first as not had this in a while.

Then home, put away the 30 kg of stuff, disbursed some JJ Bean croissants and then off to TE's for our visit. Lord, this is the first time I've seen her at CNY for at least a decade. The red pom-poms are down now so we didn't take what was laughingly known as our wedding picture.

What a barrel of laughs.

There was gossip, some rancorous, some less so - but really, isn't all gossip rancorous anyway? Some rehashing of old wounds and slights but also some looking forward to the future. Plans have been mooted, resistance beaten down and minds are ticking along.

It has to be said that not all problems can be solved right away. There are no quick answers to anything. Things will evolve, and as I said yesterday, I must not make predictions about the future in the wee hours of the day. Everything looks too dark, and too lonely. At least it's not cool

Today though, the gulf between here and there seems very big, wide and unpassable...I say this at 6am but by 6pm, I'm ready to take a flying leap. This is the conundrum that keeps my mind whirling. There are 7 more days (6 full ones) to go for some more decisions. I was thinking on the plane over that things just don't get simpler. Bridge-67 is going to become a real retirement policy yet... except that I don't think I'd actually enjoy the lead up to 67. I'm such a responsible old soul. A true Stuart as it were.

Poor Ash-Cain, is he ever going to have to shoulder a heavy burden....

Right. Today, must find an hour's time to do some reading and perhaps even writing.