A new beginning.
Yeah. Gonna start proliferating the webnet thingy again. See if I don't. I'll instagram, snapchat, tweet, blog, post inane pictures but never facebook.

It's almost the end of January. How did this happen? Shit. I was going to be all toned, zen, and caught up in a focused, mindful way on everything going on in my world, and the outside world but not your (you know who you are) world. Yes.

So what's happening?

  • Existential angst over meaning of life, work and my role in deciding the role of others
  • Work has boomed with a vengeance, or perhaps I've just ignored it for too long
  • I seem to have stopped running - but fortunately the weight hasn't started gaining...yet
  • There are big changes afoot in my household - more to come
  • Recently, I've been painting and am tired of it - way tired of it - however fun it's been when N, A and R are around. It's the wrists. They hurt. 
  • I've not really done a good clean up of the house either and CNY is almost here. Freak. Out. 
  • I have been financially responsible, however, no new Nexus, no Dyson (even though on sale) and am even looking askance at a new tablet, chromeook or PC - at least until this trusty Lenovo (one of the last IBM thinkpads) packs it in.
  • Been social more or less - sometimes less than more - to be honest, there was too much going on over the Christmas/New Year's break
  • I owe people letters - oh dear
  • I've not kept up with deleting photos
  • LightFlow is not playing nice with hangouts
  • My eating habits have gone to the dogs - as in gulp down anything edible in sight. This year alone, I've eaten more McFlurries than in the rest of my life
  • Not enough sun - but hopefully there'll be some in February when I head home for a short - very short visit
  • Not done any yoga or stretched out my poor hips and back in a while either

There must be a change!

  • I shall take up Andy again - started already, thank you very much
  • Must go work out and stretch these old muscles and ligaments to be at least limber enough to get into my jeans (baggy and 'relaxed' fit) without having to lie on my bed
  • Get caught up on:
    • my role as one of the old women what cut fate lines
    • dividing the house into go and no-go zones
  • pay some bills
  • catch up on reports
  • start on the writing of the first one - I'm reluctant because I know the results of the past ones will be out soon
  • Make an effort to get out to Ottawa before it's too late
  • Prepare for (hopefully) a visit from the little one who wants to visit the other little one
  • Must worry less about the things I can't control
  • Get the rainpants (hated things) out again
  • Figure out the orders for my garden
  • Get the lights, bulbs and the other bulbs ready despite what anyone has to say about whatever is to go in whether in drifts or in clumps - I rather prefer clumps myself
  • Get those damn hummingbirds coming to my balcony by hook or by crook
  • Make more android stories

That's it for now I promise to be here more often