Oh what a palaver

Guilt. So pernicious.

A summary to remind myself of what this last Christmas and New Year's was like.

I've not written anything here since November 19th. Goodness. Or Badness, as the case may be. So glad I'm in my 5th decade where i don't give a feck.

Let's see. November - a quick scan of my calendar shows that...in the last two weeks of November, I sat at a Council meeting, watched James Bond (Pwoarh!) with Dr. C and Dr. J and really enjoyed it. We had fries and snackeroos after and were apprised of Dr. C's plans for the New Year.

I also helped out at an Educational event with a red theme - ugly plastic table cloths but never mind, got my flu shot, suffered an achey arm and missed DWA's birthday - we shall have to do some noodles soon, my love.  Then at the start of December, had another long meeting to catch up on what's going on with the state of the union, planned a state of the union address and finally got the HER-2 paper published (at a cost which I dare not enter into my accounts).

BUT did manage to meet with M to get lights changed, doors looked at and other odds and ends removed. There needs to be an accounting soon. I shall do it yet. I shall indeed. So much for building stuff - must send some reminders out. I also signed my life away for tax purposes.

In the first week of December:

Almost missed RT's birthday.
Kickstart the RT program (which will swing into action tomorrow).
Ashmoley is born but poor mum had to have C-section. But everyone survived. So far so good.
More meetings.
Microscope stuff being worked on (finally).
Mac finally being worked on too although I'm not hopeful with the callow youth what are doing it.
More meetings about grease balls and the like.
Did a costco run - not bad at all.
Was off (kind off) on the 18th - the Friday.

  • 21st - Solstice party where light sparkled and bubbles were a-plenty
  • 22nd - Saw JK for some remedial work on shoulder (ouch).
  • 23rd - Watched Brooklyn with CT
  • 24th - Pastafarian party at Dr. J's
  • 25th - finally get a run in, then dinner at T and S's
  • 27th - Watched Carol - a little bit too stylistic for my liking
  • 28th - Breaky (bad), then last minute errands before Oakland trip, checked out T and S's new penthouse, UBC for a run, then a search for truffle fries with RE and BF, then home and chit-chat before packing and not sleeping.
  • 29th - Up at 4am, up to YVR, catch flight to PDX, coffee - then onwards to Reno. Arrive around 11am, picked up by Big and Little M, and headed over to Incline Village after lunch at pub like place where a credit card was forgotten. Prestone was purchased. Drive 40'sh minutes to the cabin (well, what they call a cabin). Fell asleep on the couch, they started monopoly, I went to bed at 9pm.
  • 30th - woke up latish, tried to go skiing, but didn't work cos the rentals had no poles, so went sledding, home for a rest then for a walk down at the lake instead, Little M trying to break ice to float down the creek. Dinner at home - steak with charred garlic. Played monopoly again (a teeny leetle meltdown) followed by a second game.
  • 31st - Tried skiing again - but far too cold - went snowshoeing at Spooner lake - far too cold - what were we thinking? Home and stayed at home discussing volcanoes and finishing second game of monopoly. Got dinner at Vietnamese restaurant run by South Asians who also offered Kung Pao Chicken seasoned with curry powder. Asleep by 11pm, no later. Found out that GN (S) passed away at home. Sad end/start to the present/new Year.

Then it was January.

  • The first day of January - woke up earlyish, cleaned up, packed, did the volcano project with stop motion, successful, but far too fast. More packing up. Frozen oranges in car. Drove off, got to the pass then remembered that a briefcase was left behind. Swearing, turned around and lo and behold, Chinese homework had been left behind too. Started off again for Oakland, planned a stop at Ikeda's but no luck - closed - New Year's day. Got to Sunnyhills, unpacked, went out to Korean House restaurant to meet B and Little V for dinner. Ate fish and tofu and all the bits and bobs. Little V stayed for a sleep over with Little M. Mum's birthday back home, so called to wish her Happy Birthday. 
  • January 2nd, Saturday - went to farmer's market to get groceries. Ditto Safeway. Lunch, home, took Little V home, then dropped Little M off at Little E to make donuts, home, and cleaned up and put groceries etc away. Big M went for a massage (wish I could have one too). Picked up Little M who was looking a bit peaky - cancelled second sleep over with Little C. To bed late - way to late cos overwrought and not wanting to sleep.
  • January 3rd, Sunday - dropped off Little M for play-date at Little C's, and went to Target to get stuff for mum and to replace ripped jeans. Home just in time to pick up little M and home to meet Little K who was being dropped off for another play date. They eventually went for a hike to the maze, I went to visit with TE. Home and another game of monopoly started - I had a nap and started dinner. Ended the evening making beds for hamsters. Watched Harry Potter #7.
  • January 4th, Monday - Big M went back to work, Little M slept in cos not feeling well then chivvied her up for breakfast before she went to do Chinese homework (almost forgotten in Incline), then started writing/making thank you cards, packing her stuff for school the next day and clearing up her room of all the toys and miniatures. Went for dinner at Camino's - easily the most expensive resto i've ever eaten at. Another late night - this does not bode well. Made chocolate cake.
  • January 5th, Tuesday - Little M went to school teary-eyed and came home in full meltdown. Not feeling well, and upset over many things. So thought was best to send her home. Put her back to sleep and she didn't get up till 2pm then set her to finish of thank you cards (ha), and check out what homework was to be done. Went to bed earlier so fingers crossed...
  • January 6th, Wednesday, dropped little M off at school, Big M went to tribunal, I did some desultory work and e-mails because certain people not capable of making decisions, big M went to SFO to get K, while I went to school to get little M. Joyous reunion and present openings at home. Made a few more hamster beds while Little M did some homework. Tsunami lost still :(
  • Packed and had to get extra suitcase.
  • January 7th, Thursday - Woken up at 6am to be told no need to get up and go to airport as K would go instead. Finished cleaning up, then drove to airport to park car for Big M and caught flight to Seattle, except flight was delayed. Got to Seattle and missed connection to YVR, flew to PDX to catch 10pm flight there to YVR - got me in a bit earlier than catching the 11pm flight from Seattle. Got home by 12:30 and slept the sleep of the dead. 
  • January 8th, Friday - caught up at home, then into work for a few hours. Went for run and had dinner at R's and ended up crashing - both crashed trying to watch LOTR.
  • January 9th, Saturday - woke up, grabbed coffee, then went for breakfast at Joe's, went over to the East to grab a coffee, check on the circles and homegarden - finally get my foot into a circle - SUMAC. Finish at home - no bananas at No Frills - made carrot cake instead, went to SaSa's to celebrate RP's birthday, then home late again - no luck getting to sleep early recently. 
  • January 10th, Sunday - today - tap tap tap, went to Misty Mountains, coffee at JJ, then dug a hole ready for SUMAC on Friday. Now trying to avoid you know who and go  to bed early, but before that, must send out an e-mail and have dinner before going to bed. And that's the start of the year so far. 

Feel guilty and anxious that haven't started on January 18th LOI yet....but quite frankly....must recharge first.