Not quite fear of flying although there was some of that early'sh yesterday. Brazil and Kate Bush and all that doncherknow.

No I refer to floatplane flying - as in taking a flight from Vancouver Harbour to Nanaimo Harbour - so decadent, but when the cost comes up to about the same as taking the ferry (just a 10 dollar delta) and saving yourself 4 hours each way, then it suddenly becomes worthwhile. Plus I've never done it, so it's a treat. But why am I going to Nanaimo? Well, it's because I want to drop off a toy with Ash-Cain. It might be cruel to name someone or something or something in between 'Cain', but when it has the go with the flow.

DWA is coming along with me cos he wants a treat. I suspect he just wants the coffee and pastries on offer (okay, that's transference, but never mind) at the seaplane terminal. So exciting, I've never flown to the Island before. The last time I did something si extravagant was taking a helicopter tour of Kauii.

But more about Ash-Cain later. It's been a while and I owe the little one (not so little now) a story.

I woke up with a start far too early because in my dream, I got to the transportation loop and found that the trains were down, then in the dream, I had to catch the damn bus what took you close to the connection but with the snow drifts, it's never possible to actually make the connection cos you have to scramble over snow (yes it was snowing in my dream - I'm very weather conscious you kn0w - are you reading SOCK?) and then you're late anyway, because stuck in damn snowbank getting a wet bottom instead of being nice and dry in a warm bus unless that horrible fresh air loving bus driver is on who keeps all the windows open and drives faster to get the air rushing through the bus. And so I ran over to the taxi stand where there were slow moving taxis (such an anomaly) driven by war veterans with PTSD - nice guys, but very slow driving because they didn't want anymore trauma (and who could blame them) except that they were creating internal drama for me cos I had a plane to catch. Then I woke up and true to the usual thing, I'm up way earlier than I need to be to catch my own floatplane to Nanaimo to drop off a toy with little Ash-Cain (more on him eventually).

Anyway - speaking of drama, there're some minor drama things going on at the moment. My favourite batch of keys is lost - gone missing. I've retraced my steps and they're 1) somewhere in the house where I don't normally put them and so not immediately obvious, or 2) at two other locations, or 3) worst case - I've dropped them somewhere where they shouldn't have been dropped while carrying my other set so I didn't notice the first missing.

Anyway - I got very irritated with the loss yesterday, but really it's not a big deal.

The other irritant? Not having the password to our security system so I can't cancel the fob associated with my favourite set of keys. Which reminds me, there are a few other combinations I've yet to try. Must remember that there're lots more things to worry about. And that I don't have nasty viruses like what poor B had and he paid for it very suddenly and now J is left bereft. And let's not go there. It's tragic, it is.

Nor am I a refugee in any part of the war-torn world scrambling for life and living.

Yes, we were once again rejected, but hey were at least in good company - 90% of applications were tossed out. And I have the luxury of re-applying. And soon A-C will make me go all googly and forgetful. And I'm going back soon to visit the folks - it's been a year now so it's way time I headed home again - and without complaints if you please.

So yes, there is lots to be grateful for and I am. I must just remember it more often and express my gratitude differently.

Now to go get some coffee and pastries...errr, I mean meet DWA at the train station...let's hope there's 1) no snow, 2) the trains are running and 3) the taxis (in case 2 isn't the case) are fast moving.

Ta ta