Cracking the whip

Don't understand why one has to run a gauntlet every time one wants to accomplish something. Easy for Andy to tell you to let the consciousness flow around the obstacle. He's obviously got an entourage who pampers him and ensures the cosmic stream bubbles smoothly around and within him. Bastard.

Let's see - what have do I count among my achievements since the last time I was here?

  1. Swept up broken glass on patio
  2. Set up sipping station for stray, wet, bedraggled humming birds - not that the ungrateful bastards have returned
  3. Remove votives for fear of them toppling over in high winds and breaking (see 1)
  4. Get thingy through interminable quality control checks and (hopefully) onto the editor's desk
  5. Started on the next one - and threatened (ever so slightly) Dr. Shark
  6. Received replacement Vulpine jacket (old stock - I'm sure of it)
  7. Sent out e-mails that were waiting to be sent out
  8. Understand cells dying from radiation better now - Nurturing DNA - so complicated and needy
  9. Get over cold with only one bad night
  10. Put application in - out of my hands now
  11. Tell the engineer and the dispatcher to go to hell. Must do the same with PM as well
  12. Make triple Cs for J and for Thursday
  13. Start on some will power exercises (not food related)
  14. Listen to Eric Church sing "3 year old"
  15. Complete Fall Classic 10k on the weekend - hack, hack, cough, cough, spit, spit
  16. Put up with damn black toenails
  17. Finally have meeting about the SAP-ZAP
  18. SAP-ZAP meeting was actually productive! Goodness! 
  19. Realise just how obstructive people with big egos and big voices can be
  20. So close to setting up another self-sustaining cycle with the HBPs
  21. Oh surely it's time to order the Nexus 6P now?! Or failing that, have an almond croissant?

And on a different note for the future...

  1. Must cut the cycles of bad behaviour someday - still not too late - have another 20 - 30 years to go if all continues well
  2. Surely it must be time to order the Nexus 6P now?
  3. Make arrangements for flights over the break
  4. Get through the dinners that are coming up
  5. Introduce more green to push out the red
  6. Get through the council meeting and make a decision on developers
  7. Put an end to the futzing around
  8. Get a nice picky for myself
  9. Reframe, reframe, reframe