Be a berk

Ollie B says (in essence) - it only took me 5 years to get to it.

Aim for one new habit every few months - willpower is a finite resource and you shouldn't spread it over a whole bunch of things.
Just try being compatible - but you have to follow the 1st agreement for this to really work out, or as OB might say, "start as you mean to go on".
Schedule a time for your e-mails and other communications. Even better, decide to log off. Neither the time you're off, nor where you surf to is important. The point is to decide who's calling the shots - you, or someone like Mark Z.
Reject positive thinking - it's a waste of time cultivating a particular state of mind - instead, just get on with it.
Working in the knowledge industry leaves you disconnected from the real world. Go make something - dinner, plug up some holes in the wall, fold some clothes, fix something.
 Don't sweat the pennies all the time. Think of the experience:price ratio - Nexus Phones are the exception, however.
Put more green stuff in your office - not necessarily plants - just green things.