KMN, or K.M.N. for more emphasis stands for Kill Me Now, or Kill. Me. Now. depending on the sense of urgency one feels, or the stultifying circumstances (and presence of assholes) you find yourself in.

Dr. Shark and I used to text each other when in a crowded auditorium to express our disgust with what was going on.

Well. Dr. Shark has since swum away to bigger lagoons - although I must say that Dr. Shark did leave some dead carcasses behind for me to clear up. But I digress.

Today. I would like to express to the greater world out there what I think of the present circumstances, and I'm not even in an auditorium Would it be that I were elsewhere observing something else...but that's a topic for another day.

K.M.N. K.M.N. K.M.N. K.M.N. K.M.N. K.M.N. K.M.N. K.M.N. K.M.N. K.M.N. K.M.N. K.M.N. K.M.N. K.M.N. K.M.N. K.M.N. K.M.N. K.M.N. K.M.N. K.M.N. K.M.N. K.M.N. K.M.N. K.M.N. K.M.N. K.M.N. K.M.N. K.M.N. K.M.N. K.M.N. K.M.N. K.M.N. K.M.N. K.M.N. K.M.N. K.M.N. K.M.N. K.M.N. K.M.N. K.M.N. K.M.N. K.M.N. K.M.N. K.M.N. K.M.N. K.M.N. K.M.N. K.M.N. K.M.N. K.M.N. K.M.N. K.M.N. K.M.N. K.M.N. 

Please, and thank you very much, kind regards, sir. It's amazing how fucked up some people can be and still survive in this world. How and when did Darwinian Evolution become subverted? How?! When?! and how can we reverse this? How? HOW?!