The mercury is climbing steadily here and is predicted to reach 30C at some point in the day. I hope to be in a hammock with a glass of icy-cold, freshly squeezed lemonade by then but I doubt this will happen - mostly because we don't have a hammock, and even if we did, we don't have the right trees and/or posts in the shade.

I just looked in the frigo - and lo while we don't have any lemons, we do have industrial made lemonade with raspberry - a lovely cloudy pink colour. Wait. Cloudy - is that bacteria? Oh, no it's lemony bits and bobs.

So now all I need is some whole wheat bread and a spreading chestnut tree so I can betray you, and you can betray me.

Who thought that?!

What can I say, I read literature and it has an effect on me. These phrases written by people much, much, much cleverer than me are intertwined within me. Such as the idea where one "...looks tactfully away after..." making a derogratory comment which might, just might apply to someone in the present company.

Anyway - the heat is getting to my brain. I have made and unmade so many resolutions already that I no longer know where I am. My list for today reads:

  • Check MBNA (in case I'm overspending)
  • Transfer money for mortgage (because I overspent)
  • Go through my accounts (because I can't believe I spent so much)
  • Check out what's happening at the D-house
  • Look up Pentel mini pents cos they're the cutest ever
  • E-mail my co-applicants
  • Plan some experimental flows
  • Rework some stuff for the other you know who
  • Get the links to some pictures for the groups
  • Call home later
  • Start on the responses...Yes Mr. Editor, anything you say Mr. Editor. Here you go Mr. Editor we agree with you completely - you're so clever Mr. Editor. 
  • Check on the due dates - surely not 4 weeks yet?!
  • Get groceries
  • Send 18-F paper out
  • Plan menu for Wed - Friday (today is Tuesday right?)
  • Check in with TE for Thursday or Friday
  • GBF and RB in Oddawa - send some pictures once organized
  • Write to SL - yes! Done! 
  • E-mail SS!
  • Write crazy ideas down
And now for some other things to remember after reading what Piper, Augesten and Andy had to say (I'm in the mood for autobiography these days).

Piper said: Don't denigrate and seek perfection to pass the time.
Augesten said: ...then I spent the next two years killing pighead in my head.
Andy said: The blue skies are behind the clouds. 

The trouble is remembering all these pieces of advice and applying them... then looking tactfully away.
Who said that?!

Must. Not. Denigrate. 

Which means that I should not apply my expectations onto imperfect people because imperfect people can only ever disappoint you and show you the size of the gap between what you think should be, and what is reality. 

In other words, don't try to bridge the gap. Yes. I like that. Shades of you know who. 

What follows then is that you can only do what is right (as in appropriate for the time) for you. The rest will take care of itself. Yes, yes, yes, I can see RP rolling his eyes already - don't strain a nerve now - and muttering under his breath - "The first rule - Dio, I wish I'd never said anything about that now".

But it's true. You do what's right so you can sleep at night.

The blue skies part - something about something within which is always present.

Next post - i will figure out the man is an island unto death thing. I bet you're looking forward to that aren't you...