Damn it

What was it we used to say to SM, owner of Eagle (the Parakeet) and Muffin (the cat). One ran away and she had to go down the street calling for a Muffin. This was during the days of the Great Canadian Muffin Store.

I'm surprised she wasn't pelted with muffins as she ran down the street looking for muffins.

Last month, I sent in two manuscripts. First author on one, last author on the other, and corresponding author on both. The reviewers have judged and the rebuttal starts. About time really - of course this happens in the year that job reviews stop so I can't put it down as an achievement. Not that it really matters anyway because for the past 10 - 12 years, all salary raises (except for the board and senior administrative staff - funny how that works huh?) have been frozen. Oh for another election year to come along when the incumbent government starts to buy votes and tosses money around willy-nilly.

Anyway, these reviewers have to be satisfied somehow - much like tossing human blood to vampires. So we will do this, but it's going to be a slog. Part of me says, all this effort will make the manuscript better although part of me remains skeptical. The salt in the wound is that I then have to pay for the publication costs. Let's not get into that. I'll be annoyed yet again.

I walked down to the shops today and purchased something because it was something I needed. That was good although the people on the streets were all a bit de trop if you know what I mean. I had this sudden vision of a rapture which took everyone but me and then i was left with lovely silence, all the cars were stilled, all the factories stopped and within a few weeks, the air was clean, fresh and the only sounds you heard were the songbirds. That lasted a few seconds before the bitch lady with the big hat, pursed lips and unsatisfied, unhappy eyes strutted passed pushing people before her. I couldn't help hoping she'd trip and call into a manhole. Not very charitable of me to be sure, but I'm also tired of being charitable.

Oh, let's not forget too - tired of pandering to peoples' needs and wants. At least last night we managed to get some traction on dealing with the PUs so that's a good start and we did feel a bit more relieved than before.

The latter part of 2015 and the whole of 2016 will be for me except for 10 days in February, and 10 in July. Otherwise...if all goes well I will go to Toronto and Montreal to do some work, and then from there arrange some vacation south of the border, but on the East coast of the continent.

That's one thing I want to do. The other is to go to Europe. And oh, must book an appointment with Joseph for next week.