cold feet

My feet are cold and like KTK, when I have cold feet I can't focus. Cold feet leads to cold head leads to sniffles to itchy nostrils to violent sneezes and finally horrible back spasms.

I hate cold feet because then I end up in bed with a heating pad on my back. Not that it's happened but it could. And the potential is enough to freeze me in my tracks ("let it go...").

Anyway, today the clouds have moved in which is a good thing because it's been hot outside. But with the outside heat, comes the need to seek shade, and then body is cool and feeling good but the feet take advantage and decide to shut off all blood flow and then they get cold.....and back spasms.

Sad life eh? Feel sorry for me? Good chocolate (not more than 45% cocoa) and flowers can be sent to me via my Overlords.

My Overlords - why, oh why do you torture me so?

Why did you make the Nexus 6P so large, and the Nexus 5X so underpowered in comparison?

Boo Hoo Hoo.

First person to say "First World Problem" gets a poke in the eye.

But what about the Sony? What indeed? Can anybody get hold of it? Does anybody know whether it heats up? Does anybody know what the upgrade schedules are like?