Too much

Too much isn't enough. Yes. That's right.

I'm anti-people today. Too many inconsiderate and rude assholes - male and female, all races - on the transit system. They should all leave and sit in a corner with electrodes attached to them to ponder their social sins.

I won't even begin on the ones who are on the sidewalks.

Then at work I have to wait for the second elevator because in the first was the desiccated sea-bitch-cow glowering and sucking all the air and moisture in - the first to deprive everyone else so they faint and she can feed on their youth and blood, the second because she's got horribly dry skin. Cow.

Yuck. Thank goodness I've got some sugar in my bag to fend off the effects of the sea-bitch-cow.

I also must avoid the news today. There's just too much bad news rolling off the feeds.

Then I see that there are 400 trees to each human being, but that's not enough? How can this be so? Then I see that UBC has a 2:1 ratio of administrative staff to 1 whereas at U of T, it's 1:2.  This doesn't surprise me. When I was a student there, the bitch-cow (different one) who was supposed to deal with graduate studies left her phone off the hook so as to avoid student calls.

I won't start on the Gong Show where the main players can't make a decision to save their lives...and I can't continue. My cytokines are in overdrive already.

Andy - all is forgiven. Please come back.