Want and Need

I want to eat sugar, not fat.
I want to drink instant coffee, not fresh brew.
I want to have plastic flowers, not real ones.
I am willing to have dubrees in my house.
I hate mosquitoes and always will.

So sue me.

I'm in an eschewing mood today and don't want to do anything that involves thinking. I eschew thought. Andy would be proud. I don't want to eschew bacon though - and for those who think this is fat, it's not so if you grill it till it's crispy, then douse it with maple syrup.

I'm also sleepy today - see hate mosquitoes - and so have cold feet, and can't make decisions.

Mind you, it doesn't really matter in the long run - for obvious reasons - big voids and all that - what decisions you make whatever the conundrum.

Today my one wish is to eat an eccles cake - or several - then do the white sheet cocoon. I could too. I'm in the new billing cycle. So maybe I will.

That's it. I can't think of anything more to say because I'm now not only sleepy and cold, but also hungry.