IBN = Incessant Bad News. What is with the constant stream of bad news? Just go to any newsfeed - it's all about the bad things happening to the environment, stock market, people, countries - you name it, it's got something bad happening to it.

And the rude cyclists with an overblown sense of entitlement and privilege! And the same with the drivers. And pedestrians. We need Miranda to come around and push them over. Is there no humility or courtesy left in this miserable world?

No wonder all people want to do is to hunker down somewhere and build a bubble around themselves and repel all and sundry from said bubble.

"..said bubble..." lovely turn of phrase isn't it?

Episode 3 of  Utopia last night - beautiful colours, so rich and saturated, but so many bad things happening to people. But in inimitable Brit-style, even you start feeling sorry for the people doing bad things. And he was doing such bad things it was stomach turning - even for me. Dr. C, stay far away from this series. You will not like it. Even if they have  beautiful colours and finely appointed homes. Even the caravans look shabby-chic.

So. Today. I shall submit a manuscript and put my self-respect up for mud-slinging. I hate peer-review. I wish I was rich enough to start my own journal so I can publish my own things and poo-poo others. That's the plan, then I will go eat myself into a stupor. Maybe that'll keep my feet warm. The office environment is colder than it needs to be, you see, and my poor toes get chilled and once they're chilled, I lose concentration.

And on unto the breach.

"...unto the breach..." Another lovely turn of phrase no?

Ooh. Maybe Bill from the Hudson's Bay company will call with the lovely  news that my new glasses are ready - I've come to hate my present pair because of their short arms.

Then there are financial decisions to be made. To wit. Do I apply for two other credit cards so as to take advantage of their signing bonuses for airline points so I can go East and visit Oddawa when it's not so dry and cold and grey-brown. And do I take advantage of CX's sale now for a trip that's 8 months in the future? Or should I just spend down my points and ignore all these temptations in front of me.

Three things to be grateful for:

My bike didn't need expensive repairs - thank you A-1 cycles.
It's not raining today so my shoes didn't get wet - and hence have even colder feet.
My incipient cold remained incipient and so went away after 48 hours with minimal effects.

Hmmm. I'm not sure that gratitude should become so complex. I'm sure that whats-her-name meant for us to express gratitude for the simple things in life, to which I can only say, Simple does not mean easy.

Damn aphids are back. Death unto death - a watery soapy death be unto you.