Decisiveness is a trait that eludes me. Today, this is particularly noticeable because I'm hungry, and the people who control the temperature in the office are obviously going through insane hot flashes - i.e. it's cold in the office. Hunger and cold do not help in decision making - as Dame Kiri has said plaintively, "I can't focus when my feet are cold".

So very true - I can't focus either when I don't have my glasses on - focus that is on a telephone conversation; it stands to reason that you won't be able to focus if you need spectacles, and you don't have your favourite pair on.

I'm hungry because I'm trying to make it through to the end of the week (tomorrow) without going over my budget. I'm perilously close to breaking it though because I've had visions of Eccles cakes dancing through my head - others may dream of sugar plums, but that's for the classically raised. Me, I have visions of Eccles cakes - the bigger, and the more stuffed with raisins, the better. All that good fibre. Yes. Fibre. Must. Feed. Gut-Microbes. I'm sure they would like raisins.

Oh yes - being decisive. It's difficult because the sciences are complex. Especially when you mix and match biology with chemistry and throw in a large swath of physics. I looked up two papers today, and two others were sent to me. The topics covered:

  • Magnetic field theory
  • Iron oxide chemistry
  • Silica chemistry
  • Pharmacology
  • Biological immunity
  • Primary radiation effects
  • Secondary radiation effects - attenuated and inherent
  • DNA intercalation and the consequences thereof (not good)
  • Human genetics (is there anything left to sequence)
  • Models of drug distribution and efficacy - we can't test drugs on prison inmates anymore like in the old days
  • Optical, radio- and magnetic imaging - clinical and pre-clinical

Is it any wonder I'm bamboozled and only want to go home, eat an Eccles cake (or two, or three), down a nice hot cuppa and go to sleep for the rest of my life - but only after I wash the sheets because if I'm going to lay down for a long time, then I want clean, crisp sheets under and over me.

Really nak muntah and I'm not even pregnant - although I could publish in exclusive journals if I were. Almost worth it - such a good clearing out, as Davy was heard to say wistfully.

I'm not sure that Andy will be able to help today. Maybe an egg tart? Hmm. That's a possibility.