New glasses ordered last week - another two weeks before they get here. From Hugo - not that I approve of him all that much, but it was on sale, and it fit, and it gave me the scary look to intimidate subordinates that I wanted.

*Not that I have very many subordinates.

They can't come soon enough (the glasses that is). The frame of my present one has shrunk or something and no longer fit - cue comments on how my head has grown. I wish, I'd been given some reason for my head to grow.

The August doldrums are in full swing. Then this morning, you hear about earthquakes hitting close to home, and bomb blasts in Bangkok, and more shootings, more chicanery and politicking on things that don't matter that much.

Humans. Yuck. It's the wide range - it's surreal - from the inane to the horrible to that which can't be described.

I shall get me a nice loyal dog. In fact, that's what I'll do today - I shall send in my application and truckle like nobody else can and see what happens.

Speaking of truckling, oh dear. that will have to be done again, and again, and again.

The haves have, and the have nots beg.

Then there are the idiots who don't read e-mails and respond properly. In this case, I'm almost certain that the cow in question is following a script to obfuscate so as to not have to deal with the actual problem. Not much we can do unfortunately but to reframe the irritation in my mind, soothe the furrowed brow and then get on with it.

I can't do anything about the way the earth's crust is going to move, nor about what could happen down the street if some disgruntled person decides to cause a huge explosion or other incident to get his/her point across.

Except...I could stop reading the news - not the real news, but the click-bait news.

I will go as far as to say that I have much more perspective than many in positions of perceived power - especially people who sit on boards. What do they actually do? They've mostly been put in place because a favour is wanted from them, and then the institutions/businesses/organizations they're supposed to be governing are suddenly at the mercy of their whims. Bastard corner pissing human canines. They're the worst.

Must. Adopt. Dog. With. Soulful. Eyes.

So the fact is, I could sit here and agonize over what's going on elsewhere and drive myself insane over things that I can't control. Or I could do what I'm supposed to do which is to think, come up with ideas, get money for the idea, and then put them into practice.

And on that note....organize folders, read the two scary papers, show the two subordinates what needs to be done, delete e-mails, wait for two fools to make two decisions - any decision will do, just decide so the rest of us can get on with life. That, and write short and sweet prose what will entertain and persuade.

And then - be like Miss Haversham and never look into a mirror again - or maybe it was thingy in Agatha's The Mirror Crack'd? Wherever it comes from, it's a pernicious theme in literature, and I've aspirations towards the literary if nothing else - that and travelling business class when I can.

Must. Agonize. Over. CX. Flight. Choices.

That - and ignore nasty (but necessary) trucks that roar around picking up garbage, recyclables and composting.