write, write, write

I do adore my oatmeal. There - two posts in a row where I adore something. How positive thinking of me. How resilient of me because there's lots of negative stuff floating around me, but I shall bat them away with my positive ions. It'll make my hair stand up, but that's a small price to pay.

Let's see.

  1. The MNP thingy didn't come through - not unexpected - but at least we got a report even if they were middling. This means more writing and probably some planning to get extra information to show them what's what although it's probably going to be wasted effort given the turn around times and employment turn overs. Whatever. It's a fact of life, and I have my plan B.
  2. Plan B - panic, pull fire alarms and sit in a dudgeon. 
  3. Monday was a lovely day - another one negotiated fortunately. Honestly though it was a very relaxed, no expectations kind of day which resulted in another minion figurine and a delicious meal from McDonald's. I'm not a snobby eater like some people think. I'm just not. I do like my food, but it's irrelevant what I eat sometimes, and Monday was one of those days. Can't remember what happened after coming home though. I could consult my google maps application but I think I'd better not for fear of being creeped out. It was probably back home and early to bed because it was warm - oh wait, yes I do remember, I went to see 'Tis pity she's a whore. She wasn't really a whore, more incestuous than anything - but really even then, she didn't deserve to have her heart cut out. Tsk. Lots of stabbing and blood - the body count was 7 (including the baby in her). The real event though actually took place on Saturday when there were drinks and a get together to feed the mosquitoes. The highlight of Sunday was a visitor at my place who promptly fell asleep but also was used to incite the thought and fears of certain people who need to be thanked for their generous offer - of what I speak, even I don't know. 
  4. The rest of the week has been a study in challenging dogma and awaiting various minor overlords (all overlords are minor compared to my main Google Overlords) to pronounce on dubious schemes. Let them pronounce. In the end, I have a project and 15+ lines (not of cocaine) to play with after all. I have things to resubmit, I have monies to pay off debts and to put against a poo machine (up to three times a day!).
  5. I took a break from Andy and went to the other Andy instead, but I think it's time I went back to the original Andy and incorporate them both together somehow. I might have to get JK into the mix as well because I am determined that these nagging pains will be kneaded, exercised, and thought away. Yes. Away. Away with these nagging pains. Even if we have to bring the needles in. 
  6. I must also write two letters. And make a phone call. All my obligations.
  7. I suddenly have the urge to travel again - Key West I think is in the cards for sometime in the future. Much more restful than running up and down canyon walls no?

Right then. Must remember that:

  • I'm not responsible for the lives and loves (oh, so Nancy Mitford) of others - they have to make their own decisions.
  • I can only play by the rules - well okay, maybe bend them just a little.
  • I am afeared of the project's implications but it will become clearer as we proceed - I did say that I only want an answer - yes or no - and that's it. 
  • The curtains are working out well - go with them.
  • The debt reduction plan is also working out well - the rest is granularity.
  • Much like training self to leave Andy behind and not be obsessive, I can do the same with the mint - in fact they've all been cropped down to their roots.
  • Much like Jeff and Shane, or even Dana for that matter - they are no longer in the moment. The moving finger having writ, and all that. 
  • Allz I can do is to keep moving because let's face it - you just have to - kinda like a shark.
  • What was it thingy said about fear? No point worrying about it until you have the facts in hand and then you'll see it and say, oh - was that it? What a waste (Agatha).
  • Okay. It's time to be irresponsible. Ta ta.
  • Must also get more cherries and blueberries for the winter.
  • Remember I have a huge Galaxie bar in the fridge.