Woof Woof

Barista does Meta-Meta
I have to start this post with Baristabot even though the title of the post really refers to Enzo - see below - because I want to be all META. I recently joined a photo group called Gurushots on the suggestion of Roch Voisine - not really, but BK will know who I mean. After all (and I confabulate paraphrase here), I'm apparently very addicting so why not my pictures too? This might win me big awards and fame (confabulation ) after which time I'll hit the pinnacle then it'll be a slippery slope down and I'll become a drunk and die alone with my hand on the irrigation system (protestant projection - nay more Lutheran) to make sure my plants don't dry out before I'm found. Damn the evil squirrels etc. A-N-Y-W-A-Y (must control my flights of fancy - AP where are you when really needed? Where indeed - I just entered a new challenge called Juxtaposition wherein you take a picture of two objects which tell you a story. Then I remembered that back in 2014, Baristabot took a trip, and while he was at YVR, stopped for a coffee and doughnut. Found the photo, and submitted it to the challenge, and told some collectors about it.

Un Vrai Chien
This is Enzo, he was taken to Iona Island where he ran around, chased after a piece of driftwood, went swimming in the river, and dug in the sand. He had a grand old time. To be like Enzo (except without the allergies) wouldn't be too bad a life at all.

However, if wishes were horses, beggars would ride and all that.

Progress. Progress. Progress. I'm a bit hesitant to outline progress in case I jinx it. Nonetheless, there has been progress albeit slow, grudging progress which makes me want to digress. So perhaps I shall.

How is it that July 4th can already bring with it a morning chill reminiscent of September? How? How? How? Howl! Yes, there was a chill this morning. Already. It makes me want to weep although there's a small part of me which feels a bit of relief. We do need some rain to wash the dust off everything. It may also help hydrate the bits of me which need refreshing.

I made some decisions yesterday. N2.1 for doxorubicin. And was proved right. No faith. Must have faith in own abilities if not in anything else celestial. Unless in Florida then yes, I can see why one would have faith in celestial teapots and the like. It's all the vast empty, humid, swampland that makes one need to hold on to something - anything.

How did I get to Fl? Doesn't matter. In any case, there I was bending over the microscope looking at cells through the filters of N2.1 and happily seeing red and no blue, then switching over to A and seeing blue but no red - even happier - when out of the blue, my back muscle saw red and went into convulsions and basically vomited cytokines. Fortunately I remain un-Italian and was stoic (doesn't happen with Italians apparently) and maintained my composure enough to show I and A the red on blue while seeing red through my own blue fug. God it was horrible. The annual back twitch. I hate it when this happens. I rushed to JK after and demanded 325mg of Asprin.

Swoon for me!
So fortunate that I have an appointment with AB tomorrow. He might have to whip out that ultrasound machine of his and have at the convulsing muscle to calm it down and coax it back to its regular space. In spite of the great pain and torture, I sallied forth to Ikea. On the bus. In the heat, during rush-hour. Why not - if you're going to be in physical pain, may as well be in mental pain too. Get it all over with as it were. Ikea because I needed to get curtains of some kind - how ironic that I go to such trouble to get curtains after running away from curtains all my life. Don't ask. When, like the Russian emigres, you've hauled curtains across the Pacific you just don't want to deal with them. However. In the shoebox what has vistas, the sun can be fierce at times - which is good in the winter - but less so in the summer even if short. I could put the blinds down, but then the wind picks up and rattles them against the frame of the glass doors, the noise of which drives me insane and makes my muscles twitch as a prelude into full-blown convulsions. Anyway - I put white sheets up as a temporary measure. They work well but I will not have bedsheets hung up with thumb tacks anymore. It's the first step towards putting aluminum foil up on the windows. So that's why I was in Ikea.

Always book a return trip
Of course, today, I will have to make a return trip to Ikea because:

  • I'm short one bracket but have all my marbles
  • One bracket doesn't fit properly and slides
  • I changed my mind about putting dark curtains up in the bedroom
  • This is the routine - you almost always have to do two trips. Ikea designs the shopping experience so you have to

On the plus side:

  • I can finally return the lamps I don't like
  • Ditto the cords that came with them (but separately)
  • I will get the missing bracket and complete the hanging of the curtain panels
  • Because I'm doing a return from months ago, I can get now get some cheap Swedish chocolate

You see, it all evens out. Good (cheap and cheerful chocolate - exactly what I need) can come out of evil (muscle spasms and rush-hour trips on transit to Ikea).