Not the Dewey decimal point system either. Nor the system of tens.

No, I refer to the little known (mostly because I'm in the midst of making it up) diametric opposite of the event known as the Rapture - you know, when all the worthy people are taken up into the glory of the heavens etc.

In fact, according to BK, there's even a series about the people left behind in the Rapture - The Left Behind Chronicles or something. Why, even a certain someone was so afraid of being one of the Left Behinds that he would wake up at night and call his Good Christian friends to see whether or not they were still around.

No. What I'm thinking of is the Decimation wherein the people who are not worthy of any reward are whisked (hwisked as DWE would say) away into some kind of celestial Australia - back in the day when the entire island was used as a penal colony.  Just think of it. All the people who irritate and annoy one (I shall leave it to you to decide whether I'm using the Royal, or the general form) whisked away without so much as a whisker left behind. Mind you, in my present state of mind, there'd be very few people left behind.

Last night I had a dream about someone I used to know - and it felt like we were reconnecting again as one (there's a clue for you, but not really) does until I asked, "so are you as whiny and needy as you always were?". Hey. I'm not to be blamed - there's precedence for this  - this person was asked why he was so whiny and needy by someone who this person thought was a close friend.

Kow-Cheah was the term used by my parental unit.

What does that dream mean? I think it means, there's no point in forgiveness - all you do by forgiving is to encourage the other person to repeat that which annoys you.

So you see - we very badly need a Decimation so that I don't go down the thorny path devoid of  forgiveness, then I shan't become all like what's his face in what's the name of that novel what died in the end in some dusty garden with crows pecking his eyes out - kinda like in King Lear - by the way this year's production has some spectactular eye gore splurting out during the action - except that instead of a dusty garden, I shall probably be found quite dead, chewed upon by those nasty evil squirrels in my little garden abode which shall be quite wet because with my dying breath, I shall turn on the irrigation system. So where was I?

Basically - A Decimation is needed so that I qualify for the Rapture.

There you go. Chew on that thought.