Clothing tags

Oh. Boy.

Really. Getting into an elevator with a bunch of chipper people when you've just come off the road on your bike dodging idiotic humans (the worst!) on foot, in cars and other bikes, is not the way I want to start the day. Most unfortunately, these were powerful people so I can't growl at them.

Yes. Some definitely felt like a million bucks - may they go bankrupt. Or better, may an even more socialist ruler take over and distribute their bucks to those who have not - oh look, why's my hand stretched out? Surely I'm not looking for a handout am I? (Yes).

Humans are brutes. They are. For proof, just read the news.

Right, if I'm to stand a chance of maintaining equilibrium today, I must not succumb to clickbait.

Instead, I shall do some planning instead - and make a list. Yes, a list! I love lists.

  • Get finances under control so as to pay off Big M whilst maintaining a healthy surplus.
  • Get virtual folders started - that's always the first step, and the first step is always most difficult.
  • Thank you Heather Small, kind regards, thank you very much and to you.
  • Make changes - instead of red, go with purple. 
  • Be less available to those who want to take advantage.
  • Quit the red cords because really in the end, it's probably the white door jamb that makes the most difference. 
  • Frame the fucking walls for the love of mud. Thank you Monica, kind regards, thank you very much.
  • Start in on the  CCSRI
    • Publish, publish.
    • Write, write.
    • Read, read.
    • Organize, organize.
  • After all, these are my jobs.
  • Evaluate relations with human brutes.
  • Lock the happy into elevators and see how happy they are in a few hours.
  • Blood sucking vampires must be warded off with garlic.
  • But use Neem oil for aphids - especially the flying ones. Die. Aphids, die. Thank you very much, kind regards to you.
  • Oakland over labour day I think. Yes. I shall look into this.
  • Must get hold of T as well. TE that is, not the other T who has yet to be exposed and whom I can't quite bring myself to trust nor like.
  • New York, Boston or Chicago - Maybe Dallas-Dayton?
  • Key West with DWA.
  • I'm not waiting around for the farewell tour - blah, blah, blah.
  • In the end, it all merges into one big white sameness.
  • Sameness - it's all tied into the brutishness of humans and their base needs. In the end, too the one big white sameness will drive each and everyone of our desires - well, except maybe for Gandhi or the Buddha and even then, I have my doubts - yes that includes you too Andy.
  • Brutes. Shudder. Just think of what happened in the 1% Oakland camp. 
  • No NYT, WP, G&M, MI - just the Daily Mail UK for frivolous news.
Okay - it's almost time to speak with the chiclets. Oh - long while since I've had any. Must get some soon. That and a McFlurry - Red Velvet Flavor.