A little rant because I've had enough

My new catchphrase is "How is this my problem?"

Typical scenario.

Person needing help and advice on something comes to me and blurts something out. I say, I don't have the time right now - could you come back next week and we'll go through the problem properly then.

Person says, "Oh! But we NEED the information now because the deadline is [in two days time]"

How is this my problem? How? How? How?

Go away.

  • Then we have more people leaving.
  • The printer doesn't work.
  • I'm told to change my password but the domain isn't recognized.
  • Then more people want more money.
  • Then people whose job it is to transfer money ask me how they should do it.

How is any of this my problem?

OH, and the other thing - if you feel bad or guilty because you're doing something that has an impact on me and I react accordingly - Well. How is that my problem too? It's your tough luck if you feel guilty. Deal with it. Why should I have to modify my response or reaction so that you don't feel bad giving me news I don't want to hear. How is this my problem? How? How? How?!

Fuck off. Just. Fuck. Off. And. Die.

People on the sidewalk - particularly the young couples who stroll hand in hand  - and can't be bothered to move to one side to let you pass. Die. I didn't move out of the way and slammed into the bitch's shoulder while on the run and she squealed. Good - squeal like a pig set for the abattoir. I don't care.

I make exceptions for the young who don't know better, and who by their very nature wander randomly. Same for the elderly who're not steady on their feet anymore. Nobody else gets this exemption.

So many obstacles have been thrown into my path recently that I'm ready to give up. All I want is someone to say, "Yes, that will be no problem, I'll do that for you right now - it's what I've been trained/been wanting to do". And then for them to actually execute and do what I request properly.

I will need so much will power to get through the rest of this week.

My. God. it's a good thing I don't have any nuclear codes else the fate of this world would be in jeopardy.

And don't tell me to count my blessings. Or to be grateful for all that I have. Or to tell me that this too shall pass. Because I shall poke you in the eye with an especially sharpened pencil. No, make that poke you in the eyes and puncture your ear drums. Yes. There. That feels better already.