50 shades of red

I adore London Drugs. There's no getting around it. I simply do.

Imagine. I go walking in there to pick up some dental floss or whatever thing that we need to keep the dentist from our jaws. And lo and behold - what do I see? What else but a glass vase thingy for candles for 1.99 - not that I need it for candles, but it's the perfect vessel for my new biological fly trap - The Voracious Venus Fly Trap. You'll see, it's perfect. Little V has been wanting to get out of the nasty plastic jar it came in. Then when I thought nothing more perfect could come my way, what do I see, but cookie trays - good ones - thick, non-warping in the heat ones - on sale for 3.99. What a lovely surprise especially since I've been wanting to replace the good sheet that's lost (how does one lose a cookie sheet? How indeed, but one did and was left bereft for a few months). Hmmm. That reminds, I never heard back from the SOCK about the bottom part of my NGC utensil. It's essential, without it, no more NGC.

So that's two things done - and when I almost spent 14.00 for another glass jar thingy at Winners except that someone was looking out for me cos their server crashed when I approached the cashier and so couldn't pay, so I didn't and I left sans jar. What a savings. I can buy some lettuce now - yes, lettuce - have you seen the price of groceries these days?

Why, I quite forgot to get my toothbrush, or toothpaste or whatever it was that I went in to get.

The mood continues to be sombre. Especially when you find out that crown jewels, raison d'etres are considered being given away. God, I almost took Dr. Puffer Fish's name in vain, but good thing I didn't cos well, just because. This is not one of things that I want to get around too much.

Good old Dr. Shark, she said "What is there left to sequence?!!"

That and then all that thing about harapan tak jadi. After all, harapan yang tak jadi is already tak jadi so what you nak buat lagi - nothing right? Apa-apa pun take boleh buat, after all sudah tak jadi kan?

So onwards and be damned.

Monday I shall be all Candide and the boulevard be damned. Bags of soil, seeds, some starter plants, a spade (even if square) and a tree log. Some bricks. That's all I need. Advice and patronizing comments will be ignored. This shall be something of my own doing and I will brook no interference.

This afternoon, I shall be all Japanese and minimalist. It's time for another round of decluttering - why I feel quite excited at the thought. Much like thingy what wants to declutter with joy - Marie Kondo that's who it is. Yes, I shall get rid of a few boxes and get the frames out. I shall look forward to this task for it's been waiting to be done for a while.

On Sunday - I shall make ice-cream. See if I don't. Strawberries I think this time. With cream and eggs. Then again, I do feel a bit full (i.e. bloated) so maybe I won't but I shall think about it. Yes. That's what i'll do I'll think about it. Almost as good when it comes down to it.

On Sunday too, I shall make mash with kale. Mashed kale? Something like that. With lots of garlic.

I shall also send up a little prayer that's about them what begetted me. Light blue bowls only go so far. There's not much else I can do right now. Nature will take its course. Much like it will take me wherever and whenever, whether I want it to or not.

So onwards, and be damned.

Oh 50 shades or red - was strung up again by physiotherapist to isolate shy hiding away muscles to chivvy them into working so I don't slump to my right - maybe it's a teeny leetle minor stroke? No, let's not go there. Red because the cords are red. 50 shades because there are many of them that are attached to your hips, legs, ankles, chest and on memorable occasion, even my forehead.