Yang Berhormat

Icing sugar and cream cheese make me want to buy Dyson Fans

So far so good. The only sugar I've ingested in the past 24 hours is sugar that I've put into whatever I've eaten myself. Not so good, however, is how much I've eaten in the past 24 hours.

Life - so complicated sometimes.


See what I mean?

I'm thinking gauzy white curtains billowing in the wind. The problem is finding a place where they can hang until needed. Right now, I've got a black sheet tacked up and it looks tacky. Not to mention, tacking them up puts holes in the wall.

Come into my parlour...Not likely.
So tacky, having unnecessary holes - like having big pores that collect dirt. And then before you know it, spiders are laying their eggs in the pores. Then when the baby spiders hatch, webs everywhere. Oh, maybe I won't need gauzy curtains after all if the webs are spun over my eyes - these literal webs would match the metaphorical ones in my head.

A contrast: A year ago when webs were covering the passageways of my brain, forming greasy films over my thought which when they were expressed coated the windows so that everything became all smudgy and unclear, there was a certain level of angst. Fortunately, this year I have Andy to help me note, categorize and place these ephemeral webs in their proper place - which is to say, a distance away from me and my lovely psyche.

The thing is, change is inevitable, and if you're very lucky, the change is something that you'd like. Maybe I should amend that to think you would like based on some unrealistic assessment of your own perhaps less lovely psyche. Be that as it may, the point is change is inevitable, and pretty much out of your own control. Last year, at this time, I'd have been wringing my hands and doing the Lady Macbeth thing on a see-saw, like what I saw at the Globe one summer. Mind you, these days, probably better altogether if I avoid see-saws given the state of that hidden, lazy muscle in my hip area which will not cooperate, because instead of behaving as it should, it make the small of my back over extend and then I feel nasty, threatening twinges that want to take me down to my knees except that can't happen because my  knees aren't too healthy either. Oh, where was I? Nowhere in particular? There you go - my less than lovely psyche (Ha! Finally spelt it correctly) put in its place. Yet again.

We do not accept the conditions! Rude and Unacceptable!
Except - this time I do not accept (like Jane).

Jane to Steve: "I'm sorry, I don't accept"
Steve to Jane: "What?! What do you mean, you don't accept? You can't not accept!"

Mad Jane. Silly Steve.

Because, well, not only unacceptable, but  rude!

I'm sure G, M and S would totally agree with me. Yes there you have it. From hand-wringing to sniffs of disdain in a year. I call that progress don't you? Next year, it will have progressed to indifference I'm sure.

All of which reminds me - I must e-mail some people I know, put some people I know at a remove. Look - I have to, I don't have that much sympathy left, much less empathy.  It's just not possible to be like a puppet, all malleable and bendy all the time.

Anyway, the basic message today is to berhormat sendiri - hence YB - which really should be YBS for Yang Berhormat Sendiri. Not that I care whether this is grammatically correcto mundo or not at allo.

Hormati Sendiri