Toeing the line

Bitterness can be tamed with copious amounts of sugar
I said a very Patsy thing today (Slash!). It involved the suggested procurement of a bottle of something nice with an -OH group for someone who really shouldn't be near any hydroxyl groups. Probably. And who could use some TiO2 coatings for SEM imaging.

Then I realised just how bitter I had become.

I shall henceforth channel positive thinking and start listening to Gaia obsessively. The sound of whales cooing, and trees rustling, and white sharks clicking their sharp teeth will undoubtedly calm me down. Then I'll think nothing but positive thoughts and be all gentleness and good. And airy and light, and green and blue. And fluffy white clouds. And pretty red flowers. Or sumfink.

How are you little piggy on the left?
I must do this because I think I have a broken toe - but I'm not sure yet. I'm to present said toe to the good Dr. D - thank goodness it's not to Dr. Shark, because Dr. Shark would probably just rip it off and say that I had no need for the toe anyway, and now your problem is solved and here's my bill.  Dr. D will undoubtedly tut-tut away at the toes, wriggle it (ouch), then look at me sadly because he'll realise all over again how futile it is to tell me to slow things down - I have! I have! - then he'll probably send me away for an X-ray to see what the real problem is. I have this feeling that they should X-ray other parts of my torso, but the good AB thinks that we can solve that by standing on one foot - fortunately, not the one with the putative broken toe.

Shark-like teeth come in many forms
Anyway, precisely because it's putative for now, I must generate all manner of positive thoughts to counter the nasty Patsy remark I made so that Karma will balance out, and Dr. D will pronounce that my toe is only bruised and not broken. It's been more than a week since I stubbed it on some nasty tree-root (who says Nature is only ever lovely, green and positive? Great white sharks are around just as much as dolphins are). It's all about balance isn't it? "no matter what you do, I'll send you love anyway, no matter what you say, I'll send you love anyway...starting la la"

Being actively positive - not a pretty sight is it. Should I stop? Do I improve or degrade Karma this way, and should Karma be spelt (past participle of spell, not the ancient grain) with a capital K or not?

I helped feed a little bee in 2010
So recently I was asked for my opinion on the future, and what I would wish for. Time for another cosmic wishlist? Maybe...

  1. That pressure would relive its pernicious presence on soft friable material
  2. That fast flying electrons be given a chance to do one more thing - but this time on my terms
  3. That remembering the inside, given the chance, will make its way out becomes an idée fixe
  4. That strong winds don't churn up umbrellas or the insides of livers (that intimate connection between the heart and liver you know)
  5. That teeter-totters come to an easy equilibrium
  6. That my toe is not broken, just swollen
  7. That sensitive skin becomes less prone to allergic reactions, but not become entirely insensitive (maybe a transplant?
  8. That sleep becomes a priority
  9. That seeds grow and burgeon with little intervention from me
  10. That seeds grow and burgeon with the least intervention from me (and not, it's not the same as the one that came before)
  11. That I realise some seeds will never germinate, or if they do, will fail to thrive
  12. That I continue doing nothing wrong (first agreement) and not fill in the unknown with what I think (fourth), that reactions presented are reflections (third) and finally that my feet stay on the ground (second) unless I'm on a Dreamliner in which case all bets are off
  13. That I've seen this happen before, and that if it happens, there's always GG

Okay, time for a chat with A now before he leaves the building. And really points 1-3 and 6 are the most important.

Ta ta be well. 

And SL - an e-mail to you will follow soon!

OOOH! Drama - Dreams - Drink.