Sugary abysses

Sugar by any name
Or do I mean Abbesses? Sugary Abbesses - brings to mind dear Sister M who taught at my primary school and who scare the bejeebers out of every child she came across. She was not sugary, rather the contrary. In any case, sugar is on my mind, or more to the pint, in my blood stream. Why, I ask, why does it seem so much easier to cut sugar out of my diet when you've had a few just out of the oven chocolate chip cookies - yes, they're made with whole wheat flour but there's still a huge amount of sugar (even if brown - which really makes it no better even if people think it does) present in each little melted mound of buttery-sugary-chocolaty goodness. Goodness indeed. Pah. That's all I can say. I know all the arguments about sugar, how it's addictive, how it changes your perception of foods, how it makes your metabolism go doo-lally-tap, and generally makes you crave more and so before you know it, you've sold all your possessions to buy sugar cubes so you can sit on the streets and suck on them while yelling "By the Grace of God!" at people passing you. Lord, I hope that someone shoots me before I get to that stage. Let's make it clear now - the day that I smell like stale digestive biscuits and have crumbs on my shirt of the same, Please. Shoot. Me. Digestive biscuits are pretty much the slippery edge of the slope to full-blown sugar addiction. In any case, there are two things I shall attempt this week. Eat less sugar and not use my credit card, save for Yoga, buying a lettuce and getting some refunds in hand. Oh, a third thing - to start staking my claim to the base of the trees...

I've got some Bergamot for September now.

Hang it all
I finally gave in and hung up a fly tape last night - I hate the thing hanging about from my ceiling (let this be a metaphor, but we'll leave it for now) but I hate flies circling the middle of my living area more. And already it's caught three little flies. Ha. I shall release them in the middle of the 8th floor where drosophila research goes on...Goodness, did you know there're publications on the factors determining the sex of drosophila? I just checked the spelling and the paper popped up. Goodness, I would have thought a bowl of sleepy pears, but apparently not - it's Groucho what determines it.  Science - kinda scary.  Speaking of Science - at the personal level - I've had trouble reconciling my life with Science and what I should be doing for it, and what it should be doing for me and so forth. See? Already, I'm side-stepping the problems. Anyway, it behooves me to recognize that I can't come into work and be ready to take on the big problems of research precisely because they're not routine, step by step little problems. They're overwhelming, multi-factorial, complex problems. This means that reading and digestion (not eating and digestion) are absolutely necessary for getting started. And if this means doing stuff that is not direct and to the point, that's okay.

Balancing on metal grids
Part of this is dealing with paranoia too (another metaphor, but we'll just let that hang in the air unresolved) so there are many things in the office that are out of my control and all I can do is nudge, prod and poke them into the direction I want to see them go. Change - it's everywhere and what I must do, according to Andy is to place the change into a larger context and then see where the balance lies. That, and roll the IT band - this is the other Andy speaking; he deals (masterful use of the semi-colon there yes?) with physical balance. But so difficult to maintain balance when the latest rumours indicate that the 2015 Nexus 5 is imminent, but may have a screen of 5.5" WHY?! WHY?!! Oh, right. must maintain balance - these are rumours and must place in context of larger life. I need a choccy croissant and frofy coffee now. Damn sugar and balance. Damn them.