Could this be a core from a TMA?
Ooh. have sticky fingers. gonna be difficult to write quickly but must because feeling anxious about not being productive member of society.

"What have you done today to make you feel proud" - Thank you Heather.

A thought I heard someone much cleverer if not leaner articulate recently - I summarize here.

"The only constants in life are taxes, death and encroaching belly fat after 40".

Yes. Today is a purity day - because I'm concerned about belly fat. It's hidjous (thank you very much and kind regards Georgie). So, I'm going to do 25% of the 4 day fasting diet thingy what has been making the rounds recently.

You know, you've heard about it - eat half of what you normally  need (not eat, but need) - for 4 consecutive days every other week or month - apparently it may depend on your personal metabolism - oooh, can we coin the term "Precision Dieting" - and in doing so lower those nasty cytokines, glucose levels and in doing so make yourself healthier and happier and less prone to pain and as a side effect lose some belly fat.

Now, this is true candy
I'm in pain - mental and physical. My back is not doing what it should be doing - i.e. relaxing. It's tensed up and overextending itself trying to do things that other lazier muscles should be doing. As a result my knee is being pulled in all different directions. We found all this out after AB poked and prodded me around the pointy bits of my hips. So now I have to upend my pelvic floor (Naughty!) and work a muscle in the right side of the bum so it wakes up. Perhaps more coffee? Perhaps injected directly into the muscle?

Okay here we go - back to work and trying to record my day's diet.

Food Intake Today:

Part 1.

  • first cup of coffee
  • two slices of dense toast
  • butter
  • pineapple jam
  • handful of cherries (sour not sweet - so much for being Nature's Candies - whoever came up with that is an idiot given the negative connotations of candy).
  • water
  • second cup of coffe
  • Lunch - small portion of pasta and florentine sauce with ground beef
  • More water
  • More toilet visits
  • Coffee and 1/3 horrible vegany apple-walnut cake with Dr. J