PPP - I'm not sure I should even mention this...I'll think about defining this later. Then again, i'm supposed to be as honest as I can about the stuff happening to me - it's some silly fad I'm caught up in because of Alison Bechdel's books which are making me mine the close past to make sense of the even closer present.

So the close past:

More dreams. RP thinks that dreaming is a result of the brain having time to clean house. I have to agree - the more time I have to sit and not think about anything in particular, the dreams I tend to have. One teeeny problem. I don't remember them very well - last night's had to do with trying to finish something, but there was some idiot preventing me from finishing. But without knowing who it was, or what he/she was doing to stop whatever it was I was trying to finish, it's all pretty much a big black hole.

Sigh. Sometimes, thinking is like herding feral cats.

Otherwise, I did make it up to the Bay Bridge for a run yesterday. See? It was much less distance than I thought unfortunately. Maybe that's because I started from Ikea and not from home. That's the easiest way to pick up the trail what goes up the new bridge and eventually will make it over the water to the city. As it is, a round trip to the end of the bridge (just before it gets to treasure island) is only about 10 km and not 16 km like I thought it was going to be.

Never mind, I shall put this down to my week of tapering before the Alice Lake Race - site of past glories and all that. Not so sure they'll be any glory this time, but unless you try again, you'll never know will you. So what do you think - is it good to know, or better to not know. Do you believe ignorance is bliss, or is knowledge power and if it comes to that, is power bliss? Surely not because with power comes people who want your power and what people will do to get power is not to be countenanced!

The other thing I've done these past few days is to eat. What have I eaten lately? Let me count the repasts..

Vietnamese broken rice with lemon grass chicken and a spring roll
Whole wheat bread with strawberry jam
Fresh cherries
Coffee made in an aeropress and bodum
Broccoli and carrots
Chicken Normandie style
Apple pie
Ginger pork
Red velvet cake
Thai food - eggplant and fish with pineapple fried rice
More pizza and cake
More Cherries
Lobster bisque
Dungeness crab
Grilled Salmon
Custard pie
More whole wheat toast with fresh butter
Sushi at what used to be The Drunken Fish
Mango salsa
Ice cream
Pineapple tarts
Chicken rice
Even more cherries
Left over bisque
Tomato fried rice
Expensive chocolate

Oh. My. Did I really eat all that? Yes. I did.

Hence - PPP(*)

(*)prodigious poo production