Mr. Sensitive

The sensitive neighbour has moved out.

Whew. Now I can do laundry at 7:30 if I want to. And I am. Until I'm told someone has moved in, I shall abuse my floorboards.

Yes. That's a great way to start Friday. Not being caring or having empathy because empathy only slows you down when you're on the course to world domination.

Must. Channel. Minions.

And be evil.


Evil is good. Good is evil. At least when it comes to self-fulfillment. And who knew that fulfillment had 3 ls?

Oh yes where was I? Trying to sort out finances because if I don't, I will be in trouble. Sigh. Tiresome shekels.

BUt it's okay. This is the annual two week hand wringing over the state of my finances. It's what LK would say, your annual check-up. And what a good thing that I did do the check-up. There were discrepancies found!! Yes. It may only total $80.00 in the end, but that's the price of a Hue bulb or 8 bars of very good chocolate. It's all relative.

Something else was relative? What was it? I forget now.

As long as I forget where my keys are, but I don't forget how to use them, I'm happy as a pig in mud.
Happy as a clam? Happy as a leaping gazelle?

I may have the opportunity to image pain soon - and no, I don't mean taking pictures of someone's face as I hit their toe with a hammer. It's much to complicated too explain here, but if my instincts are right, I could be a contender again if I can get this done. The trouble is manipulating people to do my will. That's always been the trouble.

Ping. Ah ha. That was the wonderful JM who just e-mailed me saying that one of the discrepancies has been sorted out. I'm now out by $50.00 - that's a cut-rate LED bulb what doesn't have colours, but can be controlled with a phone, or 1,000 candles from IKEA.

Right. This summer - I will have to get some good parasols for shade. It promises to be a hot and sunny one (at least if the start of June is any indication). I will also repot the wee pink rosie and perhaps the apricot. I shall find a tall vase I think. I feel it would look very elegant in an tall vase.

But before I do that, I must reconcile my obligations with genuine desire to do something right. I think it'll be okay. Truth be told, there's a lot that needs to be done and it's becoming difficult to think everything through.

Funny - every time I call up this site to write, I have big thoughts that I want to think through, but when I get right down to it, the writing only becomes a record of my days and a wish-list. What am I avoiding? Must read some Freud (not) or Jung (not) or Weldon (yes) to figure this out. Must figure out what archetype I am, and whether I'm a bat what flies out of a belfry screaming "Victim! Victim! Victim!", or whether I'm a wee pink rosie sitting there patiently out-living the spiders, aphids and green caterpillars.

Finally - Best wishes to Porter who's not been feeling well - pwoar thing.