Dreams of Lobster Bisque

Been sluggish lately. And why not?

On Saturday - was at miniature golf course with 14 kids all wanting to swing their putters anywhere but at the ball on a hot sunny day where there was little shade. Then after being pumped up on sugary drinks and cake, they ran into the dark arcade and poked away at computer like thingies to get tickets which they then exchange for trinkets and candy - and in the worst case, a combination of the two - as in a dollop of candy on a plastic ring - the candy being the gem which you then lick at. Sticky, nasty, sweet and plastic. Kids' heaven. Then home and because it was her birthday, we settled down to watch Maleficent which was a wonderful retelling of Sleeping Beauty. True Love's Kiss indeed. An excellent story.

The editorial comment overheard,  "The prince is dumb! It's not fair. He doesn't do anything, why does he get a happy ending?!"

I had to bite my lip to not say, "That's the way of the world little beastie - that's why you must be strong and stand up for yourself and not take any cant from anyone".

After all, why dash the illusions while they're still intact. She may as well enjoy life as she knows it for the time being.

Sunday dawned and I attempted to get up in time to run to the bridge and back, but it was not to be. Not when there's bacon available. And coffee. After breakfast, there was some networking (at Grade 5, there's networking?)  - okay, i over sell the event - it was a play date with a new acquaintance who's going to the new school where LB knows nobody in September.  Ditto with the new acquaintance. So this was a get to know each other better networking event.

Then down to Chinatown for a haircut and a bubble tea which took 40 minutes to make. Very popular store, throngs of people outside, throngs of people inside, but I persevered and eventually got my C-7, original taro tea with 50% sugar, 80% ice and large cup. Well worth the wait. Then over to Bed, bath and beyond to get face towels for KCH. Also the Joseph Joseph nest of bowls and sieves in bright colours.

Then home and made the mistake of reading Alison Bechdel's two books about her mother and father. So analytically dense and such tiny print. It was a difficult slog and I don't think my eyes have recovered yet. Fortunately, S & C came along with three large crabs and lobster bisque and a salmon. We pigged out out on creamy bisque, succulent crab and salmon. Maybe that's why I feel so sluggish today. Hmmm. Just a thought.

Dreams - not sure if these were the result of the rich bisque or the dense over-analysis of Alison Bechdel. The dream had to do with a farm and chores that had to be done. There was mud and dirt and I think the work was done - but there was also a sense that the returns on the work weren't enough so I was asking why I was doing all the work when i wasn't satisfied with the crop yield. But that's probably typical of all farmers i image so maybe it just means that like the little beastie, I'm just becoming used to the idea that life isn't fair and you just have to do what you do with as much grace as possible.

This doesn't mean that I can't make some changes in the way the farm is run though. Something like that. Okay, I'd best put in my call to RB in YOW and do some Quidam watching.