Don't wanna

Don't wanna do much of anything at the moment. Pout.

Except eat, but must remember wisdom of CT (soi distant), "Food is not Love". Drop it into the waste paper bin. They ants can have it.

Speaking of ants, they're breeding and spreading in the ground near home base. Damn them. They will bring aphids. Bah.

Aphids - another trigger. Must. Remember. Kindness.

Have drunk too much coffee today so must wash everything out with water. Water is good for one isn't it? Not too much says the inner voice.

I work in an international consortium. I must remember that cultural biases play into what we do. It's annoying, but one cannot live an irritation-free life as entrancing that may be.

What was it I said to BK after the last coffee what tipped the bucket over into the loo? It's not so much that we get surprises (pleasant ones) all the time as it is that our inner voices busily construct frameworks for what we think we should have to be busy, content and happy. The problem is, these inner voices do not communicate the framework to the outside world which wouldn't listen anyway. Then the gulf (or as Fay would have it, the gap) between the framework and reality brings disappointment and then all of a sudden you're no longer content or happy and become overly busy to try and force things into the framework.

Inner voices. So dangerous. Must. Ignore.

Oh poor Agatha.

Recently (maybe even yesterday) I made a list of cosmic wishes. It's all very well, making a list like this, but the chances of them coming true are random. So today, I shall make some pragmatic wishes and then go out and fulfill them. Clever no?

But I shan't list them here because it'd be too pedestrian - will give you a hint though. One of them has to do with laundry.

Anyway, ho-hum. I will read two more papers then start the going home process.