This season has truly been one of bugs. So much spraying and waking up to eaten shoots and leaves. The only thing I'm doing is spraying with 2% soapy water and it's doing bugger all unless you actually see the bug and can douse it with said solution. Then you turn away quickly before it curdles, or else you knock it off the patio to set it free. Yes. That's it. I can't help it if people live below me. I really can't. It's their outlook, and besides, it's not like they have any plants there, and besides the bug is now clean - after having been doused with soapy water.

Red for danger
Today is Sunday and last night the inner circle and I had our almost annual Spring get together. Surprisingly the furs didn't come out this year. Perhaps not so surprisingly since it has been a very warm and dry June to date. The winds have started blowing though, and it could be that there's a change in the weather a-coming. The winds, I have to say are playing havoc with my new red (and very expensive) new umbrella what was purchased and put up to protect my paving stones (just doing my bit as an owner to protect limited common property) from the fierce sun. For it does get hot out here, and then the poor plants wilt but that's another story - shame the sun doesn't burn the bugs into a crisp. But the clever little things, they dig down deep into the soil where it's cool and damp. Clever little bastards.

Today would be a nice day to have a puppy. Let me set the scene for you. I'm sitting out here on the patio under said red umbrella collecting my thoughts before I start the rest of the day. I say the rest of the day, because it's already 2pm and most of the day has gone. There are things I will do yet - I shall answer Heather Small's question, "What have you done today to make you proud".

Admiring Viola
There are three things that I want to do. Sow some seeds at the base of some trees downstairs as a means of staking my claim to the area before annexing adjacent plots. Work out the intricate exercises that AB showed me yesterday to activate a recalcitrant muscle - at least that's the plan, I'll have to find the muscle first though. It's recalcitrant enough to behave like a bug feeling the heat - i.e. it's burrowed deep down and is hiding so I can't feel it anymore. Sneaky little thing, hiding away like that and making surrounding muscles take up the slack. I shall root you out yet. Then finally, once activated, i shall take it on the road and make it do its part so that the other muscles don't overexert themselves trying to do its job. I shall not spray it with soapy water - oh wait, i already have in my morning shower. But really, that's where the comparison stops. Lazy muscles are not like bugs.

Yes. Heather Small, I shall make you proud yet. You, Queen Kong, and the small but alluring Stevie. Gary too - who apparently will be Lucifer next year. He does have the making of quite a dashing Lucifer I must say. At least in the trailers. It could change when all is revealed.

Left hanging
There is balance, and then there is balance. Not all balance is good. That's all I have to say, and sometimes it pays to be unbalanced - not when it comes to muscles though because then you get put into red cords and your legs get cinched up onto devices that leave you hanging. Oh wait, you'll be left hanging anyway, so what does it matter. No, perhaps the opening phrase should read, you'll be hanged for a sheep as a lamb - yes i know I've changed it from "may as well be hanged for a sheep as a lamb"- in for a penny, in for a pound and all that. So yes. Being left out to hang. It's not particularly enjoyable or fun, and I shall take the first opportunity to say so. After all, I've not done anything wrong so I will be damned if i'm going to be held accountable. We, the inner circle, have all reached our 5th decade, otherwise known as our I don't give a fuck years. Honestly, who can be bothered to put up with all this unnecessary cytokine outputs. There are enough bashed toes, wobbly ankles and tight hips sending out chemical signals to start the cascades already. I Do. Not. Need. More. Agro.

I am in the process of sorting out thoughts, and I hope the result is something that will make Heather Small proud. Part of the sorting process, however, is focused on getting past this sense of futility. Doing anything seems futile these days and when it seems futile, the effort required to do the thing what seems futile triples and then you just want to go to bed and wonder what would happen if JJ and DS ever get together - realms of possibilities there.

And on that note, I shall charge up my phone, digest the rest of this lovely coffee, hydrate and go forth to make Heather proud. Have a lovely Sunday.