The horror

On my second or third day of transit. The horrors.

Today - I was jam packed among the great unwashed and overly perfumed again, stuck between a door and a women whose finger was slithering over the screen of her device writing Chinese characters, correcting them and then sending them over some text messaging system. It was horrible. The movement of the train and the slithering of the finger made me nauseous, but I couldn't look away because the only other place I could turn was towards a gentleman whose mien said, look at me and you die. So there I was caught between death and throwing up.

Fortunately the train skidded to a stop and I stumbled out just in time.

For goodness' sake, vote yes to the transit plebiscite so that I can have more trains, I can have more space on buses and perhaps even a private compartment to myself.

Never mind that I will have my bike back in a day or so. That's beside the point.

It doesn't help either that I'm trying to give up on sugar - added sugar that is - not sugar that's already present in foods. Although I have included dessert type things to the category of 'added sugar' so unless it's chockful of fibre I can't have it, if it's sweet - at least not on Mon, Wed, and Fri. Tues and Thurs, I'm allowed some sweetness and one day - my choice - on the weekend.

Why do I do these things to myself? Why indeed? Why start taking transit, stop taking sugar especially why start the week there are multiple visits to the dentist.

Poor Bridget - can't even have a choccy croisssant now.