Fridge Audits

Down South today and I just finished the Fridge Audit. Found lots in there - pickled ginger from last year, sambal belachan, pineapple jam from the trip before last and a bag of slimy mushrooms. Bleah, I hate slimy mushrooms - they're not easy to clean up and make me want to rush for gloves. Perhaps I'll just compost them. I always think that mushrooms are just one step away from compost anyway don't you?

Last week was a bit hectic to say the least. The 150 pages of pink forms (not slips) to fill in and then all the discussion over which pages were the most important, then the secret voting (we have to make it secret just to keep ourselves interested and occupied). Then the trip to Edmonton, the cold blasts of air, Chet and all his grooming, returning to fortunately warmer swirls of air, and a trip to new pastures and some rivulets. Pad, pad, pad. One of the better ones - new landscapes, warmer air, new smells and sights. Followed by a Hawaiian Punch Pizza. What could you ask for more.

Right after that - another 7am flight....I always forget how painful those flights are...with a stopover in Portland for a nap, lunch and coffee with JB and Porter. Then onwards to Oakland where I was greeted with Rice Combo #1 - so lovely to just forget about not eating well for a day or two or seven.

Did some shopping online - not for me - for three people. The sprog, the dog and of course mum. That's out of the way now so no more financial dings except I must get some fleeces for the trip back North. Maybe a pair of shoes because i was dressed very formally for Edmonton except for a pair of bright blue canvas shoes.

For this week - some runs to finalize preparations for Alice Lake, then must catch up with Andy's soothing voice - not very happy with him at the moment because he didn't upload Wednesday's 15 minutes so I had to repeat them. Ahem - how to avoid anxiety like this Andy? Hmmm? But once caught up, will continue with that - download a new pack. Attend the Spring Choral Concert where there were ever so many cameras out (even a selfie stick) and then back for ice cream while watching lugubrious movie, Ginger and Rosa (another one to be cut up) before heading upstairs for an early night. I think I've finally caught up with sleep and stretched enough to relieve the pressure on some nerves what were causing me problems. Mustn't stop the stretching though as it's doing me lots of good that I'm negating by typing on the keyboard today. Other things to do - not feel guilty about time off, make pineapple tarts with the last batch of jam, make egg tarts and some nice dinners. Run up to the Bay Bridge again - can I do 10 miles? I shall try. Go to Uniclo (Target just doesn't cut it anymore). And then a treat. I shall treat myself to something nice I think. I deserve it.

At some point, must also reset Mint, delete e-mails, do some reading on X-rays and plan for the future. Must also do some acceptance exercises because the results of the last application will be out soon. Then make some decisions about computers and PDXs. All in all, many little things to be done, but first I think I'll go help myself to some chocolate - well what would you have me do? Junk food is all over the place. I can't help myself.

By the way - I sense some change coming. It's creeping up one me. I shall embrace it and see what happens instead of running the other way.