The temperature dropped this morning, and there was a corresponding drop in my emotional pH. More than caustic, I'm acidic today.

And it all started with the temperature and then was exacerbated by the  rush of waste disposal trucks that come rumbling around to pick things up - It feels like each building around me has a different company doing this so for 2 hours, there's rumbling and the growl of huge engines as they move wastebins around and tip them over into the maw with a rusty screech. It's enough to drive one to distraction - and it does.

Then to work and so much resistance to everything and everyone on the streets. Not to mention, you have to make detours to dodge the waste disposal trucks as well.

Then to get a coffee (I'm out again) - my favourite (or so I thought) blend - Verona - and somehow it doesn't taste of much. Maybe it's my tastebuds. They're as old as I am and I'm sure they become caustic too.

Bah. What is one to do? It's not like I can stay home - what with all the noise of construction that's going on around me as people rush into debt and do renovations to their home. Not to mention, were I to stay home, I'd probably lose all of AM's respect and that just wouldn't do. Mind you, FB does that and does AM care? Doesn't seem to? Maybe I should do what FB is doing - if someone can get away with all this staying at home for two years....why shouldn't I? Except that I would be bored and there's only so much you can do to stave off boredom by throwing things away and chasing motes of dust around the room.

So I go to work, feeling virtuous that I'm not like FB, that I'm being responsible and what happens? I get hit with 1) Passive-Aggressiveness; 2) Reluctance to impart information (I shook it out of them anyway like a terrier shakes a rat); 3) Questions which can only be answered by trouble-shooting systems - although it's probably easier and cheaper to replace the reagents in question.

Then I wish I were doing what FB's doing again. It's insane.

This world, my world, has gone insane and I feel like Dorothy Parker crawling to the bottle of gin asking "what fresh hell is this", while someone knocks on the door. And if you think that I should compare myself to the unfortunates of the world - pick just about anywhere in the world - well, then I shall pass along this tidbit that I saw in the book BK pushed onto me - Gone Girl - where Amy says something along the lines of " myself to the people of Dafur, and thereby take advantage of them again".

I shall not push the SOS button today. Even Handy Andy has nothing in his arsenal. Instead, I shall make some decisions, and push some boundaries and hopefully get some Pt-resistant cells on the go soon. We need them - they must be controlled - but we do need them. Yes, Dr. AU is going to be in for a surprise these next few days.

Then I shall shave - and with a new razor too! And floss! With new dental floss too.

Ooooh - good news that brightens the heart somewhat. A hummingbird did a quick look-see on my balcony last night. Unfortunately, the honeysuckle hadn't started blooming yet so it left. Silly thing, had it been hovering with awareness, it would have noticed the red streamers and found a source of nectar with which to replenish its energy sources. Its loss - you snooze, you lose. There's all there is to it.

It will be back. The hummingbird will return. I know this.

I am going to throw away an orchid today. It will do me good. I know it. It annoys me and it's being perverse - not dying, and not growing - stasis - what one would call - failure to progress, much less thrive.

You will be binned. And let this be a lesson to others that they too are not binned. Ha.

I adore being acidic sometimes - but not too often, it etches glass then I can't see very well through windows or my glasses.