Sharp Edges

Walking a razor-sharp edge between many states today. It's all because of the high cheek boned - high cheek bones are razor-sharp too you see.

Oh wait, must find my horoscope again - was a good one - which basically said I could do whatever I wanted today. But only today.

From Sally Brompton: CANCER (June 22 - July 23):
You’ve had your fill of emotional ups and downs of late but once tomorrow’s lunar eclipse has passed a more positive phase will begin. At last you can stop worrying about other people’s problems and do something about your own.
What? You don't understand how this gives me permission to do anything I want? It's the words, "do something" you see. It's obvious now that I've pointed it out isn't it? Do something....anything you want. See? 
Goodness! I've been filled with emotional ups and downs of late. Really! Who knew. But now I can stop worrying about others' and do something about my own. Yes, problems, I do have one. You see, I need to chop and grind up some spices including the fribrous galangal and lemon grass, and well, I could do it the old way and pound away with a mortar and pestle. However, my neighbours aren't likely to approve of the sound. There've already been queries about the noise of carrots being sliced. But that's not the problem - no indeed - because even Aunty #1 and mum no longer use the mortar and pestle, but a trusty food processor whose sharp blades whirl (I can hear DWE saying whirl as Hwirl) away and grind up all those fibrous herbs so necessary for rendang. The problem is, which food processor, and even if by default I go to the KitchenAid folk to stay within the family, what colour. Should I go for Crystal Blue so it matches my mixer, or should I go for the new in-colour, Boysenberry?
I asked for some opinions - both were useless  and not at all helpful. Quite the opposite in fact. I shall have to rethink my dealings with these two. 
So there will be some cogitation yet. 
Still no hummingbirds, but plenty of aphids still. Sometimes, I think it would just be easier to pour concrete over everything and be done with it.
Seemingly Random Thoughts:
I've mixed in Lulu with Olly with James and Sarah. It works for the most part and when it doesn't I fast forward. 
Capers should be used carefully less they make your sauce too salty.
Togetherness is overrated.
As HB said of a mutal acquaintance once, "[The mutual acquaintance]'s a big baby" - Words to live by. 
Time outs to deal with tantrums.
Time also to wipe the sleep away from my eyes (they're all smeary today).
I shall put the fridge into the dishwasher. See if I don't. 
Not surprisingly, the PABs will take care of themselves and dwindle away into nothing.
Need towels.
How to be the best possible influence? 
Want to silence the voices? Then go to sleep and take an afternoon nap.

Yes. That's exactly what I will do.