Another thing I'll never see - Natalie Dessay singing live in an Opera. I just found out she retired 2 about a year and a bit ago from live opera - yes, I'm behind the times.

I suppose this is typical of the process in which one becomes old, decrepit before finally becoming one with the dust. One thing though - I shall be asked to be stuff with orange and banana peel and a good slathering of neem oil to keep the fecking aphids away when I'm laid down in my resting place forever. I refused to be eaten by aphids.

An aside: Anybody who says that aphids are only interested in young plant material (the emphasis on young) can take a long walk on a short pier that leads to shark infested waters). The aphids will be out for revenge eating and that's not happening.

Must. Remember. Aphids are a symptom, not a root cause.

Aphids are a symptom. A symptom.

There is far too much hyperbole in this world. I must ignore it and focus on what is important to me. Henceforth, I shall stop reading the news for at least 2 weeks. If I can take 15 minutes out of my day to jump from my feet to my navel and then my solar plexus and then to the chest (it doesn't end there), and from there to the brow before going to the space above the head - and then back down again and then up again, each time visualizing each are as a football of light...then hell, I can stop reading the damn news. Ya.

The other things that I need to do in the short-term are to buy galangal and lemon grass, to step more heavily around in my apartment to show who's the boss and finally get rid of my "to go" box which is almost full. Actually, let me take that back, let me fill up the "to go" box even more than I'll rent a car and get rid of it. Yah. I will also give up my computer for some repairs. Maybe they'll slip in a SSD for me....

In accordance with not reading news, I will also stop listening to the internal dialogue and react instead to what actually happens in person. And if nothing happens, all the better - I'll rest up and reconsider a trip to Chicago again. Why not. Pictures that pop up from nowhere suddenly must mean something yes?

I think they do - so fortunate that I got rid of certain pictures from the past because I do not want to be reminded of those pictures again. Whew. But pictures from Dayton - why the hell not. The only problem is travel time.

This week, I think discretion is the better part of valour - it's not always, but sometimes it is. I have some deadlines and tightropes to navigate and the more discreetly I walk them the better. Why raise your head over the top? You only get your head blown off - and I can't have my head blown up - the HS needs me too much to do aphid control.

So the other thing I need to do is to get some oranges and lemon, and some low nitrogen fertilizer.

Oh wait - ND was misquoted - she's not retiring - she's on a sabbatical from opera because some of her notes have left her - not in absolute terms but in where they will go after coming from her. Poor ducks (ND, not the notes).