Poked in the eye

I feel like I've been poked in l'oeil today. Maybe a flying aphid trying to avenge the death of its comrades. It'll take more than that to stop the daily sprays so just give up, move on and get off my patio.

I am also feeling particularly irritated with the stupidity and obstructionist ways of people. The more I see of them, the less faith I have in the education system. I've been trying hard not to read the news lately but every now and again, there's a glimpse of what's going on in the world - actually make that a glimpse of what the media thinks we should know about what's going on in the world. And as Rita said, "The Daily Prophet exists to sell itself!". So really, there are two things to be annoyed about, and to avoid - what actually happens in the world, and how the it's delivered to you.

There are three sites to avoid: Forbes, BGR and IBTimes (all editions) - they exist only to produce clickbait and to raise blood pressure. Wouldn't surprise me at all if they had ties to big pharma - but let's not get started on the ethics and morality of delivering medical care. In fact, let's just move on from this topic completely.

In addition to feeling like I've been attacked by a nasty, flabby and socially inept aphid, I feel tired - tired in the way that people who're recovering from a nasty bout of rheumatic fever feel tired. What is going on in my own little universe that I've all these aches. Will I need someone to go in and use an awl (nasty word) to poke holes in my bones so that the marrow spills out and forms this pseudo-cartilage and prevent the grinding of bare bones? Awl - look it up if you don't know what this word means - it's a nasty word.

There was a letter waiting for me today - from April 20th 2012 - Thank goodness it was April and not from December. I really couldn't have taken it had the letter talked about events past October 2012. There was irony in that letter as the best letters from the past always have. God, I hate irony - I don't hate Mr. Young who taught me the meaning of irony via the works of Saki, and in fact I can see the funny side of irony - when it happens to someone else. But when I see the meaning of irony in my own life, I bleed a little and want to spit at the nearest idiot person blocking my way (literally and metaphorically).

Today, I wish I were a mole - a little blind mole what has a underground domicile in some lovely field replete with wild flowers and grubs. Then I could stay underground, curl up, smoke my pipe made of a hollow stem and acorn, drink my cup of hot cocoa and then go to sleep for the next 5 years. Last night, I had this wonderful dream where I was given the chance a la James Bond type movies to have a new identity (I could choose my own) and then be whisked away to it while some lovingly arranged accident was set in motion to cause my apparent demise in this present world - then one could attend one own's funeral - the pathos! What a lovely way of having one's cake and eating it.

It would be a private funeral - invitation only. Don't want hordes of gawkers around crowding around the open casket (sorry, Jessica) and saying, "oooh, don't 'e look young".

Another day, another publication for the administrative stuff to feck up. How nice. Why bother to support someone if you're not going to pay attention to the details.

Oh boy. It's going to be a long day.

Right then - according to thingy, I should put white balls of light around my feet, then move the ball of light up to my navel, solar plexus, chest, throat, brow and then release it to the space above my head. That's what I will do, and de plus give myself permission to not pay attention to the sots wanting attention - the sots who want to bask in their self-reflection of insular, egotistical, narcissistic thinking. Idiots. Get thee away. Lest I spray you with 2% detergent and a soupcon of neem oil.