Pernicious Guilt

Out, out, out! Pernicious stain...oh wait, wrong context. Let go of guilt is what I meant to say. I'm no Lady Macbeth wringing my hands and scrubbing them raw to get rid of blood stains and the like. No, I'm much more likely to be rubbing soothing salves into them because a series of allergies or something have them all raw, red and irritated. Pwore things. So on my list of things to do - get rid of the nasty Eucrin lotion what clogged pores with their high oil content, and get a lighter lotion from LD that won't clog but still soothe.

Where was I? Oh yes, guilt. Nasty emotion and all that. So useless.

I have to remind myself that when my feet are cold, I can't concentrate and my feet are cold today because the temperatures plummeted precipitously and it's in the single digits again today. And I've lost my gloves so it's cold on the bike and that reminds me, the bike must go in to be serviced before the teeth are eroded. I know what I mean by teeth so bugger off if your'e going to tell me to be more technical.

Where was I? Oh yes - guilt - nyeah, let's just forget all about it - after all it's what made pwore Lady M so upset and eventually drove her mad. Instead, let's be all conspicuous consumption (not TB) and list the things I'd like to get:

  • Mattress - done - been needing one for a while as the present one has assumed the shape of a hard taco shell. Was a lovely purchase at the Bay - lots of discounts and deferred payments so I could get something nicer now without denuding my bank account completely. 
  • Lights - so many lights I want to get. I want another LED tape and the spotlights - not so sure about the  bloom or Iris
  • CB2 lamp - return or repurpose it
  • New bike helmet. Must get one soon
  • Gloves for use
  • Waterproof shoes
  • Fleece for self
  • Cookie sheet - can't find my good one :(
  • Also want the cutting boards from Jason thingy - so cute and colourful - colour coded for the kind of thing (meat, fish, veg, fruit, other) thing you're going to cutta up
  • Fertilizer - low Nitrogen. Not feeding aphids anymore
  • Soil for trees outside building - maybe can get thingy to pay for it
  • New pillows
  • Possibly new sheets - to be determined.
I'm sure there are other things I would like to get, but can't quite think of them right now - feet are too cold. 

So according to Andy, I must focus - white ball of light etc etc - and then do something to warm them up, which in other words is to eat.

And look, it's almost lunch time. How perfect. Another morning wasted with nothing done but some thinking - but it's the thinking what gets me to a whole series of lay abstracts so mustn't put it down. After all, as Hercules Poirot used to say, "It's all in the little grey cells - less of the rushing about, and more of the sitting and thinking - with a lovely cuppa of hot tea and biscuits" - He may not have said the last bit about the cuppa and biscuits, but I'm sure he thought it.  

Yes, today is going to be more of an Agatha Christie day than a Fay Weldon day.