Food is not the answer

Food is not the answer. Food is not the answer. Food is not the answer.
Food is not the answer. Food is not the answer. Food is not the answer.

But damn it, food can be a wondrous distraction. At least for the first few bites. If you choose the correct item, it can overpower your senses and make you snap out of whatever state of mind you're in. Chilies are particularly good for this - especially the cabit padi that is used at home, and which the birds love so much. Yes. Bite down on a pickled cp, grind it up with your molars, then smear the vinegary, soft, vegetable paste on your tongue and gums and then you'll forget everything but the pain and heat in the mouth.

If you're in a nasty, don't care about your fellowmen on this earth, mood, then go kiss someone on the eyes and make sure some of your spit gets on their eyelids. This will also snap them out of their senses. Lovely thought no?

Today is grey and cool. It may be good for snow on the mountains, but I don't care whether mountains have snow or not. I just want it to be a reasonable, even temperature so that I don't have to dress in layers. I hate dressing in layers.

I want to live in a beach hut under some shady trees where I can see sparkling white sand with no plastic bags no aluminum cans (fat chance that you'll ever find any spot this pristine on this vastly polluted earth now) and hear the sound of waves washing in and out over and over. This rhythmic sound will help me chase the purple balloon with my breath - don't ask why purple. It just is for me. Purple. It's go to do with this new relaxation technique I'm trying out - competitive meditation. It's lovely. I meditate more than my competitor - who so is travelling so can't do as much meditation as I can - too bad for him - and so I'm hours ahead and that makes me feel good. And when I feel good, I don't eat food, and then don't have to worry about the political, environmental, and health implications of the food I choose - is the item free of blood harvest, was it flown across multiple time-zones, is it sugar/salt/nitrate/pesticide/antibiotic infested? So difficult planning an ethical meal these days.

I sat down and collected my thoughts today and did a bunch of planning (ask BK - he saw me) - but planning is pointless when you don't have the manpower to execute what you plan. The simple fact of the matter is, we need results, and it doesn't matter whether they're negative or positive. Either way, the first set of results will help us figure out which way to go, what to do next. If we don't do anything...we'll end up floating up the creek without paddles and that'll be too much like life in general.

There is too much salt and sugar dissolved in my blood compartment today. I can feel the signs of being overly salted and sugared. My eyes itch for no good reason, my mouth feels chalky and my lips feel like the have lost the ability to taste anything. And yet, I crave salt and sugar. Bah. Today, no amount of spinach or cabbage will satisfy me - unless of course you somehow make them sugary and/or salty. Oooh. Achar cabbage - that's salty and sugary.

What I want are gobs and gobs of spicy tuna roll pieces from QQ Sushi. I know it'll be bad for me because I always regret eating gobs and gobs of spicy tuna roll pieces from QQ Sushi. Not sure whether it's the gobs and gobs, the spicy tuna, or QQ Sushi that is to blame though. Doesn't matter - I will lean towards eating this and then I'll regret it and want to do something to punish myself like not taking the nearest car2Go, but the second closest one.

When I go home tonight, I shall reinstate the hanging lamp over my counter. The solutions that I've come up with don't do it for me. They are not satisfactory so until I find a satisfactory solution, I will have my hanging lamp - even if it pisses off the Queen lamp - who by the way needs more than a dusting - she nees to be washed with hot soapy water. The problem is, trying to wash a big, heavy, very expensive, glass globe what is hooked up to the electric mains, can be hazardous to your finances (drop the globe and boom - that's so many percent of your wage gone ), your health (cut glass, electric shocks, both) and self-esteem (my hands no longer have the sensitive feel they once did in their youth - we won't go into the age spots that are appearing by the day). Then before you know it, you'll want to jump - or maybe just dip the Queen lamp into the bath tub, and switch it on while you're in it. That would be kinda ironic or something like that. Maybe just silly? Another statistic - another one killed by the Queen lamp in a bathtub. I bet if I searched long enough, I'd find statistics.

Must remember to find some lotion with bleach in it.

Oh wait - apparently you can use lemon juice, apple cider vinegar or buttermilk to remove age spots. Good. I shall try my own personal clinical trial here. Results to follow in due course.