Fifty is nifty

DWE turned 50 yestearday; DWA has wayyyyy past 50 but we shan't dwell on that. I wrote a little ditty for DWE which went something like this:

DWE is fifty
how very nifty
hail to the eminence grise
from the prairie brise
on this auspicious day
DWE, happy birthday.

Then I got a bottle of wine what is advertised to go "well with burgers".

Clever eh? eh? eh?

In other news, I pushed the submit button one day early - not by choice, but by mistake. Dumb GUI - whoever designed this GUI deserves to be pitched into the 4th circle of Dante's hell - let's take a quick look and see what that entails shall we?

Oh how boring - The fourth circle is reserved for Greed, and they are punished by having to push great weights about with their chests. I think I shall choose the 8th circle for them instead - that's reserved for Fraud, which doesn't really fit, but I do like the punishment where they're forced to march back and forth being whipped by demons. Lovely.

Pitched into the 8th circle of Hell it is then.

And now that the thing is in - fortunately I'd done several checks already and there were only minor mistakes - any major mistakes I hopefully didn't see because there wouldn't have been time to do anything about the mistakes anyway.

So, you tell me - who designs interfaces like the one we had to struggle with:

The box for entering text is limited to one quarter of the browser window. You are told that you can write in your word processing program of choice, then cut and paste into the box. So you do that, then oh wait - you suddenly see that spaces have disappeared - not everywhere, but in no discernible pattern either so you have to go through teeny little ant-sized text to see where your spaces have disappeared. In the past, you'd also lose all formatting - and have to use html programming to get the fecking formats back. Every year, we are asked to fill in a survey for the program and every year, I tell them how much we detest it, but nothing ever happens. Bah. To the 8th circle with them all!

Still no humming birds crowded around my feeder. Why, oh why have they forsaken me? Thingy - the biologist statistician what is afeared of bobbit worms (he has nightmares about them) tells me that the H-birds are out there feeding off flowers and natural nectar and having sex! Well. How selfish of them. Surely, they would be much better off being chaste and feed off the nectar I've provided, and hunt down the flies and other bugs that are congregating around my patio now.

Hmmm. I wonder whether Hbirds eat aphids. The fecking aphids have returned with a vengeance this year. However, I shall sort the out with detergent and neem oil. See if I don't.

OOOH. Wait. Hbirds are known to eat aphids. Well. How fortunate. Once they arrive, I shall have to wash all the soap off the plants so that the aphids will be alive and fresh for the birdies. They can have all the aphids they want (the entree) before feeding on the nectar (dessert). I do love the way Nature balances things out.

Okay - I've done one spraying but in the future will only use water to wash the damn aphids off - until the Hbirds deign to stop fecking around (literally) and come eat the nasty bugs on my plants. We shall be friends yet - the Hbirds and me. I know this.

One last thing - the after proposal writing blues are settling in. Must remind myself this is normal and go for a run or something. The other piece of good news today - I got an almond croissant (twice baked, packed full of oozing almond paste and covered in almonds - and only ate half, saving the remaining half for later. If this is not progress towards reducing my appetite of the last few months then I know not what progress is. I must reduce the girth.

I must also vent some spleen soonish.

Ta ta

Come one, come all little B-birds! Hover over my patio and keep it free of pests.