Not the movie, but the number of posts.

Goodness, what should I write about today. Hilary and aphids - another ambiguous, non-sequitor statement from Dr. J. I bemoan the aphid attacks, he says, "set Hilary on them", then accuses me of having a faulty memory when I say "who the hell is Hilary", but he doesn't actually answer the question and obfuscates the issues with Korean and Chinese Scientists who do things that sit between fact and fiction in the New Avengers movie. So, who I ask is the one with the faulty memory? I remember quite well never having heard of Hilary, he can't explain who Hilary is, and the aphids are still there. I rest my case. It's a heavy one full of semi-philosophical thoughts about open and closed doors and confusion over whether they should be open or closed.

Is it better to be kind to be cruel, or cruel to be kind - discuss.

Blue skies are above the clouds. Traffic moves, sit and watch and don't play in traffic. Acceptance is like blue skies. Acknowledge resistance but don't resist the resistance or you'll get into a terminal loop and become resistant (maybe this will give you ropey muscles?).  All this is coming from a new technique I'm learning and which smart phones have enabled - competitive meditation.

Must. Find. Object. A physical object to which I'm not overly attached, or too fond of. Something neutral with respect to being an object of my affection. Then I'll stare at it with quality, not quantity. This will help with the cold feet and white light what moves gracefully up and down my body until I release it into the space above my head.

Goodness, no wonder Fay Weldon spoke of smeary windows due to the smoking and quality of minds within the room - interestingly enough my windows remain quite clear so maybe I'm doing something right whereas Spicer and Dr. Rhea are not. Imagine - a therapist who was guided in part by astrological charts - quite the thing.

In a perverted way I'm applying the "cruel to be kind" idea to astrology - the horoscope tells me one thing, and I turn it to my advantage. For example Sally Brompton tells me that today,

[I] will find [my]self up against someone who is every bit as immovable as [me], so the best [I] can hope for is a stalemate. Don’t waste [my] time and energy on battles like this that cannot be won – focus on the ones where you have the advantage.

I interpret this to mean that I can ignore whoever I want even if they come to me saying, "This must be done asap!" or "we should apply for that" as these are battles that cannot be won, whereas if someone were to offer me an egg-tart of the Portuguese persuasion with a glass of milky grass jelly and tea, then I would say yes because this would be something where I have an advantage - having the ability to sit and eat 6 of the tarts and washing them d own with milky grass jelly tea in one sitting. It's not a superpower I'm particularly proud of, but there it is. You have abilities, what you do with them is your business.

Yesterday, I sliced, chopped and dice shallots, galangal, ginger, and lots of other fibrous thingies and now my house smells of garlic as does my skin. How annoying then that it's one of those drizzly days where to go running is to possibly drown if you flare your nostrils and flaring nostrils during a run is something that you just have to do - no two ways about it. So What should I do? Run and drown, or not run and drown in a miasma of garlicky-sulphurous odours from my own body - and it's not like I can run away from my body at least not physically, but maybe I acknowledge it and then blue skies will appear.

I've also been semi-successful in not reading the news. More on this later.

Now, to do some aphid hunting as Hilary is not available. Oh - actually, today is a good day to go aphid hunting because I'm emanating garlicky smells which aphids don't like. Calvin Smith I'm not, and so running is kind of pointless. I bet he's got spindly legs though. It's the hormonal chicken syndrome thing.