Warm blood or cold guts?

Okay. I have decisions to make. Even if I don't own a car, I have debts and it doesn't help that the damn rates keep dropping and mock me to my face. Bastards.

  • A new phone. I wanted the Nexus 6 in a moment of madness. Fortunately I forced myself to one of the Robelus outlets and hefted the actual device in my elegant and tiny hands, and put it next to my N5 - what my overlords just sent me to replace the last one - so it's practically brand new you see. And the N6 is just too large for me. Now, the Sony Xperia Z3/4 is a little bit bigger and about the right size...BUT it's not a Nexus phone and so who knows what UI overlays there will be, and what kinds of delays I'll have to live through. Bad enough waiting for the OTAs for the pure OS without having to wait for a device manufacturer to get around to modding and verifying the OS. So I'm stymied. I don't know what to do. I could sell my new N5 and buy the Sony Z3 - not very satisfactory given all the rumours that the Z4 is just about upon us. Then there's also rumours that there will be two new Nexus phones coming - from two different manufacturers - in two sizes - phablet and regular smartphone (which is to say about 5") - I hope you noticed the masterful use of hyphens in that last sentence. Fay would be proud. So what to do? I think that I will have to wait because having a Nexus edition is important to me. Wait. Use. Nexus 5 and see what my options are in a few months' time. Sony new phone, Nexus new phone in the right size, or maybe I'll just go for a flip phone and be like the trendy Japanese. 
  • The Chromebook pixel - 2015 edition. Soooo beautiful, so many pixels, so solid and sleek looking. So light. I want one. I can't say how much I want one even if there's so much inequity in the world with so many having so little. I just want one because. Just because I don't have a car. This is technological lust in the first degree. BUT what would I use it for....well, let's see. Browsing the web, working on documents via Drive - and if I can get hold of MS Works online for some reasonable amount of money, then I could also do work as long as I've got a connection. Let's see - assuming that I'm on a stable network connection then it would be faster than using a laptop...and I wouldn't have to worry about all the dumb windows updates, nor changes in their OS...but somehow I can't shake the feeling that for the same amount of money, I'd get so much more...then again, what do i do with all that extra hardware and stuff. It's not like I even hook up to a monitor - the most I do is a mouse and maybe a keyboard.....then there's the irritating thing that I would have to get this in the US. Bah. Bah. Bah. Plus my work-issue Thinkpad is still very stable even if a few years old.
  • A replacement for the Nexus 7 (2012). The update to Lollipop has played havoc with the speed of the tablet. It borks all the time and watching videos has become irritating. So my first impulse was to get the Sony Z4 Tablet because it looks so cool...but then again, it's not a Nexus, but it would be so sleek and cool and it's bigger too. Then again, if I get the Pixel, I wouldn't really need a tablet to watch telly - but getting a t.v. would be cheaper - oh dear. oh dear. And also, the 5.1 upgrade is coming OTA and early reviews say that it makes a new tablet of the N7. So what should I do? Wait for 5.1 or just say feck it and get the Pixel?

Then of course - I could simply take the money I'd spend on all this electronic do-dads and get a labrador retriever. The choice between cold electrons and warm blood - so difficult to make.

Of course...having a warm brown or black labrador lying next to the shiny, sleek Pixel...that'd be a nice image wouldn't it?