Speedy Gonzales

Last night the Android 5.1 update arrived for my N5 and N7 (2012). So far the update is settling in well. Nothing has borked on either device and the N7 in particular seems to be faster and less laggy now, but it's early days yet. Have to let the update soak in properly.

On the N5, there seems to be an increase in speed especially when I use the home launcher instead of Nova...I might just have to run some speed trials on the little guy.

So...if the N7 stability and speed is improved to baseline, then I'll probably not get the Sony Z4 tablet although - most unfair - my boss is getting a Surface - "Just Because". This also makes a Sony Xperia Z4 phone purchase less likely because it'll probably launch with 5.0. Hrumph. The fates conspire against me in these purchases to soothe my furrowed brow and agitated breast.

Mind you, the furrows and agitation could just as easily be due to the pollen floating around in the air making me tear up and sneeze for no apparent reason.

Then of course, the pixel - the lovely pixel - is not available right now. I'll have to keep on checking the stores in Oakland.

Speaking of speed trials, I went on one of my own this past Sunday - not great, 5:18/km which translates to a slow 53 minutes for 10 km. Not great times and it makes me feel even heavier and more bloated than I already am. The bloating extends to the head as well due to the OTA pollen. Must face the fact that I'm becoming like the N5 - except that there are no little OTAs what will make me speedier.

Maybe I don't need to be speedier and simply just be more laid-back and listen to the little voice in my head more often - the one that tells me it's okay to give in, like on the couch, grab that bag of chips and watch trash telly without any redeeming qualities. After all, what is this obsession to know more, be more aware, be more well-read. What good does it do really? All that is in front of us will fade eventually and so we may as well accept our fate and fade as well.

I had a lovely conversation last Thursday with the good Dr. L although he seemed a bit miffed when I pointed out a few corners and turns he missed hosing down with some water. That aside, he did know the scary Dr. Tiger-Lily (small surprise) and Dr. Aphid (even smaller surprise) so we chatted and then they sent me home for coffee and cake (which Dr. J bought).

In the meantime, there was ever so much drama brewing in the air and orbiting around me, trying to land. I wouldn't let it land. Who can keep track I ask? Who wants to deal with all this extra drama i ask? Who indeed. Best to not keep track and just keep moving along. Perhaps a good dose of Peg-Lyte....

A man in a wheelchair swore at me today because I was in front of him, and meandered into his way - he told me to fuck off and to walk in a straight line - and I told him to make a noise if he couldn't control his speed and was bent on driving people in front of him down. I also thought of telling him that I forgave him, but looked at his poor blood circulation and sniffed the smoke coming of him, and decided that I didn't want to give him first air for the heart attack induced by the rage at being forgiven so said nothing. More drama avoided. Whew.

Must also start planning my campaign to claw my way back to MVP status. I don't like not having status. It sucks.

Of late have been thinking about the coming years. But actually, that's a post for another time. Instead today, I will think about annoying Peregrine Falcons instead (tick - done) and consolidating text and opinions. Then onto an almond croissant or something at Milano's before heading to the stretch mats of that horribly money-loving space. I hope that I time it so the supercilious bitch isn't around because one day, I'm going tell her that big, fake boobs are so over and that the money she spent on hers could have been used for something more useful.

I wish my head would clear up today, and the muscles in my back would become more sprightly. However, good things  - I'm chipping away at the bills. I have a plan for my lights and oh - must remember to inform thingy about the lights - and then must read and get my plants into their little homes. Then must dig up boulevard without telling anyone. What's the worse that could happen? They'll just make me cover it up again.

Oh bonus piece of information - it's the 25th not the 20th. That buys me a few extra days.