Nectar is 21-23% sugar

So. I had a visitor on Wednesday when the heavens opened up and the waters poured down like someone was grieving inconsolably. It was a hummingbird - and I 'm sure it was the same one what came by last year to sup from my honeysuckle. Unfortunately, the HS aren't in bloom yet so poor little HB went away hungry. And then I was inconsolable and my windows to the soul opened up and out poured all the sadness that a little HB had to be turned away.

Then. I went to my google overlords and said, "OK Google - Teach me about Hummingbirds".

And lo, a voice spake out and it said [italics are my thoughts]:

Humming birds drink nectar for energy; nectar is essentially 21-23% sugar in water. They also eat insects for protein, and HBs need prodigious amounts of energy and protein for they are forever flitting about (much like HG's mind although it has slowed down somewhat because HG is no on day 14 of the 30 day set on Focus - we're up to pebbles now, having moved away from feet).

The colour red is sacred for HBs and they will come explore red, and if there is nectar near red, they are happy and will come back with their friends and family. Put out nectar and red things and you will have a veritable platoon of HBs who will sup on the nectar, and karma will bless you because HBs are a force of good in the world like the birch trees are in the Susan Cooper series, "The Dark Rises".

Then my HB HG mind went all aflutter and made some connections out of seemingly random facts (SRFs, as opposed to SRTs, where T = thoughts).

  • Flies congregate around the shoebox what has vistas in the summer
  • Flies already breeding and clamouring to come in an share the warmth
  • Humming birds like nectar
  • Nectar is 1 part sugar in water
  • Humming birds need protein - and will also serve as an inspiration for me to avoid sugar and focus on protein (rather than pebbles of feet)
  • Red ribbons are easily available
  • Sugar is always on sale at Shoppers Drug Mart up the street

And thus it came upon me that in order to control the fly population what comes buzzing around me, I should put out bottles, adorned with red ribbons, of home made nectar with sugar from SDM to attract last year's HB and its friends and families, they will come forth to feed on nectar, go all hyper with their little flapping wings and go after the flies to balance their diet and then flies wouldn't buzz around me inside the shoebox what has vistas.

I checked the facts with that ornithologist what goes to Mexico often, +Luke Halpin and he concurred. So there you are. I now have sugar from SDM, red ribbon and a mason jar attached to a feeder with yellow flowers. Soon the flies will be gone. The next step in my plan is to get SB next door to do the same thing and then there'll be no flies on us. Who cares if they flies go to the first floor.

The shoebox what has vistas has competition!  There is an irregularly shaped kind of shoebox with internal vistas (no external ones) what has been painted white! With a big telly on the wall! But this shoebox with internal vistas won't have any HBs visiting I bet.