Marching On

Time goes on. My wrists hurt. Smoke comes out of chimney.

It's March and right on schedule, the allergies have hit. Yuck. To be expected I suppose. Nature must propagate somehow.

Headspace - has it been effective or not? I think it has. I find myself 'gently returning from my thoughts to the breath' more often. I'm also very enamored of the looking at the cars and not running out to touch the wheels, but to just observe from the curb. I'm also aware that this gives me a bit of space to keep a distance, and with distance comes more perspective. After all, I did have a run-in with the postie and it was fine. He went his way, I went mine and more importantly, it didn't matter where he went - what was important was that I was engaged with going my way - home, work and not to the airport.

Ya. So we shall see. I'm not going to obsess over this and will step back and let it go its own merry way. This is not to say that there will be no beating of chests and gnashing of teeth. However, there must be some balance between having a still mind (runs deep you see) and an active mind that strays.

Must think about getting a dog more seriously.
Don't think the MN grant will be funded, but what the hell - just write it and then go snore. It'll make you feel like you've done something useful even if it's not. It will be won't it? At least the Friday deadline was met - and now, let's just wait for the editors to do their thing.

I've been asked to be in an educational video. How exciting, who should I nominate to participate?

Today, there are things to be done. The most important are to: read, digest and write (a framework).
Second most important are to e-mail the professor in Oddawa, and maybe the DJ-jock in OH. Then I'll be off to a good start. i'll also get a run in today if it kills me - and it will at least kill my feet if not me.

Right then, better go get the first few papers read before Mrs. D makes and appearance and buggers up the schedule.