Could and Would and Shopping

Today I'm lounging at home on my grey whats-its with my feetsies underneath the royal furs and my trusty computer feeling like I'm falling behind and sipping on apple juice made from concentrate while dreaming about almond croissants. What else is there to do...well lots actually.

I could:

  • unload the dishwasher except that the dishes are still wet and drippy.
  • wash the patio except that it's not wet nor drippy enough as the promised for deluge of rain has yet to show up.
  • clean the tub except that it'd only get dirty again.
  • run except that I'm hungry and confined to sipping apple juice for another 24 hours.
  • work on the proposal except that the latest framework for editing has been sent out.
  • write lay summaries except that I'd rather lay about than write in lay fashion.
  • ponder my sins except I don't really have any sins - okay just one or two but even then, I acted with some integrity during the sinning part of it.
  • meditate except that I must practice being aware without thingy reminding me.
  • cook some delicious meal for Thursday's dinner except that it'd make me even hungrier than ever.
  • plan a trip to Fiji except that I can't think about trips yet.
  • think about the CHRP except that would triple my anxiety levels.
  • take a bus trip around the city except that the quality of society on the buses these days leaves much to be desired.
  • look up more rumours about the Sony Xperia Z4 phone (and maybe tablet too) except that there's so much click bait and my facilities for detecting it are impaired today.
  • get up and change the music except that it'd make my slender neck droop.
  • dig up the boulevard and plant a rose except that my back doesn't want to do anything too strenuous.
  • sleep except that if I do now, I won't tonight and I do want to sleep tonight.
  • eat pizza except that I'm not supposed to eat today.

So much I could do, but I won't do any of it.

And that's alright because it's okay to not do anything. I give myself permission to be a slug today. Yesh. I shall be a slug today. See if I don't.

I also want to go shopping:

  • Sony Xperiza Z4 tablet
  • Sony Xperia Z4 phone (if and when it's released)
  • HB Glass kettle with a glowing blue light
  • HUE LED strip
  • Purple LED pucks
  • Dyson cool/hot fan
  • Plane ticket to Fiji
  • Almond croissant
  • The new Chromebook Pixel
  • New speakers for my stereo
  • An Axminster just for the hell of it
  • Pretty much anything by Ted Baker
  • Shoes
  • Boots
And it's only 1145. How am i going to survive this day without buying something. Best go freeze the credit card now. 

But seriously, I do want the chromebook pixel. I shall be stylish and foolish if not productive.