Clarifying this and that

Been writing abstracts and reducing complex thingies into simple thingies what little kids can understand. So silly.

Why spend so many years stuffing your head with facts and fundamental knowledge to understand complicated concepts - after all you're not going to solve a problem what has numerous facets with a simple stroke are you? Actually, let me take that back - you could solve the problem I'm thinking of by using a large, sharp guillotine, but then you'd have killed the person with the problem as well as the problem itself.  No, I'm not advocating chopping off someone's head off to cure a headache.

Anyway - writing abstracts can bring on paroxysms of rage.  Rage on into the night etc.

Raging doesn't keep you any younger. Quite the contrary - the oodles of ROS that you generate are not to be countenanced because they'll ravage your countenance if you see what I mean. But don't count on this being true - look what's been said of fat.

I am tired of the process though. Almost as tired of the people who prolong the process. Idiots what can't make up their mind. Aphids. Spray them with detergent. Yah.

Spring is here and I yearn to travel - actually, not so much travel as get out of here. For a little while at least. But where...that is the question. Maybe Chicago. Not been for a while. Maybe Alaska Airlines will have a special fare there just for me. Maybe I could go through Portland and Seattle and maximize my points. Do I really want to get status back? I don't know. It would be nice but hey there are more important things in life...aren't there?

As I stand here and write, I can feel my arches collapsing. What is going on? Why are my elbows achey too? Same with the back. Should I take some blood-thinning pain killers and run the risk of beet-pee?

There has to be a better way of control without using salt and sugar. I also feel somewhat isolated because I'm caught up in the tasks of the next two days which will require me to be interested in what I do, and in the people who are supposed to be interested in me. Mind you, it's not like what I say is going to be of any interest to them so you see the problem? It's difficult to generate or show interest when you're not too interested in the first place.

So I shall do the following instead:

  • Put the pinks, matthiola and nicotiana out into their bed and let evolution take its course
  • Dig a hole in grassy boulevard and wait for the city crews to notice (hopefully not)
  • Start planting a garden that attracts butterflies and hummingbirds
  • Move the hospital bed to the side wall - after cleaning it out of course - the wall that is
  • Shove that pushy cherry seedling into a pot - that'll teach it
  • Move some plants into the office and others into the Hoya exchange market

Candide will be green with envy.